Our Current Shipping Status: DELAYS POSSIBLE

All orders are currently being dispatched the same working day or the following working day depending on the time you place your order. Please check your spam filter for dispatch notifications BEFORE emailing us to ask for a tracking number, particularly if you use gmail or yahoo mail.

We have temporarily suspended our Click & Collect service so we can follow the official guidance of social distancing to keep our staff and you safe in this uncertain time. Please do not visit our warehouse for any reason during this time.

There are likely to be delays to shipping, particularly to international destinations due to Coronavirus travel restrictions. We urge international customers to select the DHL Express shipping option if possible because DHL make less use of passenger aircraft than Royal Mail.

Links to additional information:
Royal Mail Coronavirus Update
Royal Mail International Incident Bulletin


Planned outages & delays

There are no upcoming planned outage or delays.


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