All About Resistance

All About Resistance

Back when the only devices available were mechanical, with no voltage or wattage control, we were pioneers in commissioning custom resistance atomisers and making them generally available to vapers so our customers could tailor their vaping experience to provide the best flavour, heat, vapour and throat-hit for their own personal vaping style. This post used to explain the different types of atomisers we had available, but has now been re-written due to advances in technologies and the introduction of more advanced devices which can control the voltage and wattage of your device.

With a mechanical device, the lower the resistance, the hotter the vape, and the quicker the juice (and the battery) is used. If a variable wattage device is used, it’s all handled internally, and the voltage is adjusted, based on the wattage you choose and the resistance of the atomiser. Essentially, as long as the resistance of the coils you’re using is within the range recommended for your device, it doesn’t really matter which resistance you select.
Anything from 1.0-2.8Ω is suitable for most variable wattage devices, with many devices now accepting coils much lower for sub-ohm vaping and there are also speciality coils for temperature controlled vaping.


Sub-ohm atomisers
The use of very low resistance atomisers is often referred to as "sub-ohming", because the atomisers and coils used are lower than 1.0Ω.

Sub-ohming grew quickly in popularity as more vaping enthusiasts decided to take their hobby to the next level, but there were initially concerns related to battery safety as well as the fact that sub-ohmers tend to vape much more liquid than other vapers, and this increases their exposure to the as-yet unknown risks related to inhalation of larger quantities of food flavourings.
If you wish to use sub-ohm devices, we recommend you make sure you have a regulated device and good quality, well-cared-for batteries which are capable of supporting the required drain rate. We also recommend you stick to using fully tested e-liquids only, which have been declared completely free of potentially harmful compounds such as Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl. All the liquids we sell have been through rigorous testing but there are many liquids out there, particularly zero nicotine shortfill liquids which have not been tested at all and can contain components which are harmful to the lungs when inhaled.

We strongly recommend you thoroughly research the topic before embarking on any experiments with sub-ohming.

We will not accept any responsibility for any damage caused by sub-ohming activity.