Confused with all the new jargon and acronyms? You're in the right place. Here we present a list of just some of those we've come across. Feel free to contact us if you think we should add something to the list.


A regular tobacco cigarette.

Anodising / anodizing
A method used to seal, finish, and colour aluminium.

The part of the electronic cigarette that heats up to vapourise the e-liquid.

Abbreviation for atomiser.

Abbreviation for Advanced Personal Vaporiser or modified e-cig (MOD).

Automatic e-cig
An electronic cigarette which activates through suction on the mouthpiece rather than by the manual activation of a button.

Abbreviation of the word battery.

Big pharmaceutical companies.

Big tobacco companies.

Abbreviation of the word cartridge.

Cartomiser / cartomizer
An atomiser built into the cartridge, marketed as disposable - Also see clearomiser.

A plastic mouthpiece usually containing diluted nicotine solution (e-juice) suspended within some type of wadding or filler.

Abbreviation for cartomiser.

An ecigarette that is designed to "look and feel" as close to a tradtional cigarette as possible, usually ineffective for long term use.

A clear walled cartomiser in which the juice level can be seen.

Refers to how long the battery will activate the atomiser before shutting down temporarily as a safety measure to protect the atomiser.

Direct Lung inhale (DL)
Taking the vapour straight down to your lungs. Requires the use of atomisers or tanks with lots of air flow, usually associated with "Sub Ohm" vaping. See also Sub Ohm vaping.

DCA / 306DCA
Abbreviation for the 306 Drip Cup Adapter, (306DCA), designed and made by GoodSense Vapor in the USA. Now discontinued due to the decline of the 306 atomiser.

See inhale

Vaping by adding a few drops of e-liquid directly on the atomiser instead of using a cartridge. 

Drip Tip
A hollow mouthpiece which is used to enable dripping directly to the atomiser without removal of the tip, or just used as a mouthpiece.

Abbreviation for electronic cigarette.

See e-liquid.

The liquid used in electronic cigarettes that contains propylene glycol and/or glycerine, flavorings, and nicotine.

Electronic Nicotine Inhaler - another name for the electronic cigarette.

The wadding or filler sometimes found inside a cartridge or cartomiser.

A type of foam filter used in aquariums - some people used to use this substance to replace the old fibre type filling found in old-school electronic cigarette cartridges.

Genesis / Gen
A type of rebuildable tank atomiser for advanced vapers. It uses oxidised stainless steel as a wick instead of the more common glass-fibre wick seen in mass produced atomisers. Also see Rebuildable atomiser.

The act of breathing the vapour into your lungs. (also see Direct Lung inhale (DL) and Mouth to Lung inhale (MTL))

See e-liquid.

1. The name used to describe the feeling at the back of the throat when an inhalation of vapour reaches that spot.
2. The name of a clever add-on device produced by Evolv Vapor which is used to regulate the heat produced by certain mechanical mods.

Low resistance / low voltage (LR/LV)
See All About Atomiser Resistances

Abbreviation for Milliampere-hour, which is used to describe the capacity or energy charge that a battery will hold before it needs recharging.

Manual e-cig
An electronic cigarette which activates through the user pressing a small button (like most modern e-cigs).

mg strength
Milligram strength per millilitre (ml) - relates to the percentage of nicotine contained within the e-liquid. For example, 18mg is 18mg of nicotine per ml which is approximately 1.8% nicotine.

Abbreviation for modified e-cig - often used to describe individually designed e-smoking devices that are specially built to use standard li-ion batteries (or different combinations of batteries).

Mouth to Lung inhale (MTL)
Taking the vapour into your mouth and then inhaling it down to your lungs. Requires the use of atomisers or tanks with a tighter air flow and usually higher resistance coil heads. Also see Direct Lung inhale.

A wire material for use in temperature control (TC) atomisers, can only be used in combination with a mod that has this capibility. Resistance levels are far too low to use on a standard mod so this material must only be used with the TC fuction activated on the device. See Temperature contol (TC)

See e-liquid

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patch, gum, etc).

Ohm (O)
The standard unit of electrical resistance. Also see All About Atomiser Resistances. Also see Sub-ohm.

An electronic cigarette "battery" that is attached directly to a USB port or hub, or USB plug. It's always available to use and it means there is no need to drain regular batteries while sitting near a computer.

Personal (or portable) charging case - allows an electronic cigarette battery to be stored and charged whilst on the move. The advent of larger e-cig models have made most PCCs obsolete.

Polyethylene Glycol - a less common ingredient found in e-liquid.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a colourless, nearly odourless, viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste. PG is commonly mixed in solution with nicotine and flavourings to make e-liquid. PG is used is to dilute the nicotine, give the solution a thinner viscosity and provide a good throat hit. PG is NOT ethylene glycol, the very toxic chemical in anti-freeze (although PG is sometimes used in lower toxicity anti-freeze applications). Only Food-safe propylene glycol should be used for vaping.

Protected (batteries)
A battery which has a computer chip at the base, which protects the battery and breaks the circuit in the battery from completing if the voltage goes too high or too low, the current goes too high or the cell temperature rises too high. Also see unprotected (batteries)

see passthrough

Pyramid Tea Bags - some vapers used to use this substance in place of standard polyester fibre type filling in old-school cartridges.

The act of sucking on the mouthpiece to pull the vapour into your mouth.

Personal Vaporiser - another name for the electronic cigarette.

Rebuildable / Repairable Atomiser (RBA)
A form of advanced atomiser featuring a user-replaceable coil which can be rebuilt many times.

Rebuildable Tank atomiser (RTA)
A tank containling e-liquid with an attachement point for the user to remove and replace the coil and wick at will.

Rebuildable dripping atomiser (RDA)
An atomiser with an attachment point for the user to remove and replace the coil and wick at will, requires the user to drip the e-liquid onto the wick when required.

Sub-Ohm vaping
A term associated with atomisers with resistance ratings below 1.0O Requires more air flow than standard >1.0O vaping and requires the use of a mod or battery device with safety features to safely allow higher power delivery. Also see resistance, Direct lung, and Ohm.

Temperature control (TC)
Next generation mods with TC have the ability to regulate the heat delivered means of measuring the resistance change in a coil. Certain materials are required such as Ni200, Titanium, or Stainless steel wire. See also Ni200

TH / Throat Hit
The tingling sensation felt in the back of the throat when inhaling.

Topping off
Adding drops of e-liquid to the current cartridge.

Unprotected (batteries)
The battery does not have separate protection against extreme battery events. Also see protected (batteries).

USB passthrough
See passthrough.

Vape, vaping
The use of an electronic cigarette - similar to the term "smoking" when referring to an analog cigarette.

The name given to the user of the electronic cigarette - similar to the term "smoker" when referring to an analog cigarette user

Vapour / vapor
The smoke-like mist that is emitted from an electronic cigarette.

Vent holes
Special holes made in the casing of high-end PVs or mods, to vent battery gases away from the face in case of battery explosion

Vegetable Glycerine - a common ingredient found in e-liquid. Sweet tasting and of low toxicity, it is thicker than Propylene Glycol and is usually used where thicker liquid or vapour is desired or where a PG sensitivty is present.

Abbreviation for Variable Voltage. Describes a mod or APV which features the ability for the user to alter the voltage produced by the device in order to change the vaping experience.

Used to measure/describe the power output or heat produced.

An atomiser's heating element is wrapped around a wick which will continually supply e-liquid to the coil. In mass-produced atomisers/cartomisers, this is normally glass-fibre. Oxidised stainless steel wicks are commonly used in rebuildable atomiser and Genesis tanks.