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Liquid test results - update

Liquid test results - update

The original content of the post, dated 28th June 2015 and entitled Liquid test results, was a table of test results of liquids supplied by Five Pawns (as well as other suppliers) and an explanation of those test results.

They declined to provide their own test results when we commenced trading at the start of 2015, accordingly (and in accordance with our product testing policy) we submitted 8 Five Pawns liquids to testing at an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

We published the results approximately 7 weeks after providing them privately to Five Pawns.

Five Pawns took exception to the post, sent a cease and desist letter through their attorneys, threatening legal action if our post was not removed.

Whilst we stand by these results, we decided to take down the information to comply with Five Pawns’ request.

Our own solicitors have responded in robust terms rejecting allegations made by Five Pawns, and they have now released their own test results, and it is incontrovertible that liquid produced by Five Pawns contains the compounds in question.

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