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Save Vaping in the EU

Save Vaping in the EU

We urge all vapers and their family and friends to support the European Free Vaping Initiative.

On the 26th of February the European Parliament moved closer to ratifying the Article on electronic cigarettes within the Tobacco Products Directive. This controversial, rushed and unacceptable legislation born of ignorance and in complete absence of scientific evidence, endangers the future of vaping across Europe, putting the health of millions of current and potential future vapers at risk.

The list of the problems with this new regulation is practically endless but put in a nutshell, it will lead to most of the products you currently use being banned. Yes that's right, banned! Whilst they've tried hard to make the new legislation sound completely reasonable and in your benefit, what it will actually do is regulate all of the most effective and innovative vaping products out of existence including cartomisers you can open or refill, tank atomisers that hold more than 2ml of liquid, all rebuildable atomisers, bottles of e-liquid larger than 10ml and all e-liquid with more than 2% nicotine. Basically everything we all use on a daily basis.

The European Free Vaping Initiative has been set up to use the mechanism by which EU citizens can express their common opinion on how the European Parliament should approach certain subjects, in this case vaping. It's not too late to save vaping, but it is essential that every vaper, and all their friends and family members ACT NOW.

Over one million signatures of support must be collected from all across Europe so that the decision makers can no longer continue to ignore us and regulate our products out of existence.

Please, please support this initiative, and also get all your family and friends to support too.

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