Telephone Support Policy

Telephone Support Policy


We’ve found that customer service can’t be defined by something as narrow as whether or not a company offers telephone support. To us, great customer service means spending time selectively sourcing and testing products to ensure we only offer those that meet our highest quality requirements, processing and dispatching customer orders in a timely manner, and and solving problems quickly.

Offering support by email allows us to do all these things really well.

If you check out our reviews on the independent TrustPilot site you will see how thousands of customers feel about the service we provide.


We don't currently provide telephone support because:

  1. Telephone support is ineffective, costly, and time consuming. Research shows it can take up to 5 times longer to fully rectify issues over the phone (assuming the call is answered immediately). We want to be able to make sure your questions are answered quickly, and to your satisfaction - using email means we can make sure that happens without delay, and nothing gets missed or overlooked.

  2. With email, nothing gets lost in translation. If your query needs to be handled by a specific team member with particular relevant knowledge, there’s no additional delay involved in obtaining the proper assistance, and your complete query is delivered to the person who will handle it from start to finish.

  3. The time and cost demands of telephone support systems puts pressure on companies so it usually means that companies who offer telephone support often employ call handlers who have little or no serious knowledge of the products or their technicalities. Each member of our support team is a professional with many years of direct experience in the vaping industry. It is they who will be handling even the most minor of your support queries, quickly and effectively.  These guys are intimately involved with the sourcing and testing of the products we supply, as well as the website and ordering process, and they can answer any question you may have. They are also tasked with many of the day-to-day operations of the business, and it would not be possible for them to always be available immediately on the phone. A short wait for an email isn't as painful as it would be if you were hanging on the phone.

  4. In order to provide complete support, the team member providing that support has to have full access to your customer details and order history. Secure and limited access to this sensitive information is preserved by ensuring only specific technical operatives have access these details (rather than a number of non-technical call handlers who can’t fully answer your query anyway).

  5. The use of screenshots, links, videos, pictures or other information often assists in troubleshooting and answering queries effectively. This cannot be done on the phone.

  6. We’re obsessed with making sure minor issues don’t become major ones, and providing support via email means we can spot trends and repeat issues that multiple customers are experiencing, and also retain a history of your particular queries to help with repeated or related issues you may have in future. Providing support via email means we can do something once, and it is recorded permanently. This all allows us to further refine our product offering and continually improve the service we provide.

We do appreciate that people sometimes get frustrated with email support because many companies take days to reply and then don't even answer your question fully.

That’s not us. We’re fully committed to making sure you get a very quick and very helpful response.

Please give it a try and we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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