Aspire BVC heads - 5pk

Aspire BVC heads - 5pk

Product no.: ASP-BVC-HEADS
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so- so
from on 29/07/2015
about 30-50% of them work. But when they work they last a long time and work well. Two out of my last pack worked but worth it for the two.
Top class atomiser head
from on 07/02/2015
I recently upgraded all my bottom coil clearomisers and Vivi Nova Aspire tanks from BDC to BVC. This improved my vaping by a long, long way.
This BVC provides a much warmer vapour, enhancing the sweetness of almost all e-liquids. They resemble a cartomiser with their structure, except that the vapor is coled by passing in the chimney, leaving very little moisture at the drip tip.
The difference between BDC and BVC become evident at higher power levels, where BVC shows a much improved linearity before reaching the overtemperature -which, in turn, makes the burnt taste.
There are very few shortccomings with BVC, I experienced only three minor drawbacks: first, is that BVC cannot be "dry burnt" like the BDC, for cleaning purposes, because the polyfill material inside would be destroyed; they need to be washed in water and not dried. Second problem:: like any oter bottom coil device, they will not pass flavours designed to be felt with the tongue, not the nose. Thankfully there are very few e-liquids which uses taste-mediated flavors; the vast majority of them uses smell-mediated flavours, which works very well with this BVC coil, which is specifically designed to enhance them.
The third problem relates to the type of APV used. While the BDC works the same with PWM and DC type APVs, the BVC will provide a distinct better taste with APVs which provides pure DC power to the tank, like the Innokin MVP and the Yihi Sx mini. I had to retire the iStick and the CLK! because of this "feature" of BVC coils. But I got superior flavors in exchange.
My 5-star rating indicates that the Aspire BVC coils are the best coil on the market as I write this in February 2015.


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