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from on 25/02/2021
Outstanding craftmanship.
No other words. The device is very solid, the work on wood is just amazing.
Best mod I ever had.
And BIG thanks to cream, 72 hours between order and delivery.
Best service I had. Zero mistakes.
Thank you very much!!!
Exquisite but very fragile
from on 27/06/2020
We have a number of Dicodes devices and usually think highly of them. I bought this as a special Father’s Day gift for my husband. It lasted a week. The pipe fell off an end table (i.e., a short fall) and the wooden section of the pipe close to the atomizer completely split in half. My husband is very handy but was unable to reattach the split pieces. The warranty only covers the electronic components, so buyer beware— this beautiful pipe may not survive a short drop. With that said, I was sad to see him lose his Father’s Day gift so unfairly— so I will probably assume the risk of buying a replacement for him. (The electronic components still work and maybe we can build a new mod with them.)
For the e-pipe aficionado
from on 07/01/2020
The Yogs-dicode is a strong buy consideration if you are an e-pipe enthusiast. First, ordering online from Cremedevape was easy and shipment to USA (well boxed and safe) was fast. I believe that the Yogs-Dicode partnership produces the only beautiful e-pipe that is fully regulated and well built. There is an impressive array of possible precise programming including almost any reasonable option for power control, limits and battery monitoring. It includes a variety safety features and even temperature control if you so desire. No miss fires and completely consistent great vape from the Dicodes electronics. However, the Dicode board does have a learning curve and can be frustrating especially since the one button control (also used for firing) is very sensitive. Also, if you are not extremely careful the programming can also be inadvertently activated and settings changed when vaping (more below). If you are not a pipe enthusiast e.g. former pipe smoker (addicted/appreciate a pipe form), other mods may have similar capabilities, may have easier to use menu systems or better pricing. For e-pipe aficionado’s one of a kind mechanical e-pipes of beautiful craftsmanship and artistry can be found that can perform well but with some limitations and power fluctuation. Mechanicals suffer from battery voltage drop during use and a smaller margin for effective or safe vaping. (A narrow atomizer resistance range that will achieve appropriate power -i.e. high resistance may not provide enough power [Vsquared/R too low, i.e. low Wattage] and low resistance could challenge battery continuous amperage limitations [V/R too high, i.e. high Amps]). Overall, I am quite happy with the Yogs-Dicode regulated e-pipe – it vapes great!!.

Pros: Beautiful craftsmanship including the wood (I chose walnut) is exquisite, the machining is perfect, fit and finish superb; versatile ability to control output; safety features; fits well in the hand (I agree with Yogs); looks the part (albeit a big pipe); gives reasonable 18650 battery life before recharge necessary; can operate without the top-cap that controls programming; 2 year warranty; comes in a very nice box – a big plus if it is a gift; clever firing button works on feather touch that after a learning/self-training is quite nice (also see cons); 23mm at atomizer attachment looks good with many 22, 23 and 24 attomizers.

Cons: price – although not really out-of-line with fully mechanical of same caliber workmanship; relatively heavier than my other 18650 e-pipes and with extra length towards stem (both probably necessitated by the electronics); programming can be frustrating albeit you can get it all to work; includes cheap pipe stem (a $5 pipe stem mass produced in China with inadequate O-rings); can inadvertently fire atomizer (sense/touch firing button is very sensitive – also see Pros); can inadvertently activate and change program while vaping if not careful (same sense/touch firing button, although this problem is corrected (at least for me) when the program menu activation is changed from the default to 5 touches using the extended programming option); no blank top cap provided that can alleviate the problem with inadvertent activation of menu and distraction of display top cap blinking on and off.

Pet peeves: 1) Yogs should either include one of their nice drip-tip pipe stems or none since the included pipe stem is of no value. 2) A blind top-cap (blank without programming capabilities) should be included with the e-pipe. Without a blind top-cap, the top of the pipe is not aesthetically pleasing and after all a large part of the reason for buying this e-pipe is aesthetics. Yogs sells "blind topcaps" separately with a plain vanilla version for 69 Euros!! I solved this problem with a stainless steel thin magnetic disc (about 3 USD). 3) For USA and other non-EU prospective buyers, I advise purchasing from Cremedevape. If you order directly from Yogs they will charge VAT. Cremedevape appropriately excludes VAT for non-EU customers (perhaps non-UK after Brexit??). Yogs will not exclude VAT for online non-EU purchase and the only way to “avoid” VAT when buying from Yogs is at the airport if you bought the pipe at their store (apparently a German scheme to get VAT from all purchases made by individuals as opposed to nonEU companies that can recover VAT through a convoluted process and a fee). Bottom Line- As an epipe aficionado/enthusiast I would buy the Yogs Dicode epipe or better yet have someone buy as a gift for you.
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