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Dicodes Dani Box 21700
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Average rating: 5
Trustfully service!
from Alil Aliev on 09/05/2022
Trustfully service! I can't believe how professional they operate! I had some issue with the delivery and they sorted it out very quickly! The packaged was very well secured and handled to me. This device make me leave everything behind! Amazing work! TC/TCR works waaaay more than fine!
If you still ambiguity or thinking you gonna regret, NO you won't! Trust the process :)
Nice and smooth finishesh on the device.
Feels great in hand.
Works very well!
Dani 21700
from Aydan Ruzhdi on 09/02/2022
This product make me leave everything behind!Very nice quality,touch feel,click feel is on point.Metarials of this product is on top but only negative about metarial is the metal parts are sensitive to scratch.As it comes to chip the mod is extremely accurate,no jumps on resistance nothing.Mod is 80 watts and having boost functionality for getting 100 watts is good but you have to manage some settings and it depends on battery condition it is ok.İ wish they make the chip FL for stock
straight 100watts.İ am using this mod for RDL vaping and when it comes to RDL it shines.İ love this mod and waiting for straight 100 watts version I will get that if there will be one.
Fabulous piece of kit
from Mark Haskell Cooper on 26/01/2022
Ok so it is expensive - let's get that out of the way first of all. Is it worth the asking price, I would say yes as it is beautifully made with quality from top to bottom. Ok it is a bit heavy, but that underpins the feel of a quality item. I must admit I had reservations before purchasing this mod, but having made the leap of faith I must say I am not disappointed as it performs really well, and gives a solid vape with the right tank on top.

Downsides? For me it took me a while to get used to the menu - still not 100 percent confident, what did not help matters was the manual which I had to search the web for, and even then it was not a guide to this particular Dicodes Mod but the Dani box menu is more or less the same anyway.

Wish it was cheaper - but then the quality would probably suffer. Overall I am very happy with it, and it goes very nicely with my Taifun GTiv pure glass atty, almost a match made in heaven. Lol. If you want to use temp controlled vaping - this is one of the best out there for temp control vaping along with DNA mods.
really nice improvements
from Matthew Reilly on 05/07/2021
First off, thanks tons to Keith for the help on my order here--it went off without a hitch, and the communication made it easy to complete. I really appreciate it. Compared to my Dani 18650 box from a few years ago, this model so far provides the same performance I'm used to with Dicodes, and there are a number of nice improvements too. The chip and display are easier to read and provide an edge of extra info. Main settings are now guarded by default with a 3-button press requirement. The battery port is designed for easier opening and closing. And the form factor is great design--larger battery space but smart build design around it means it's only slightly bigger in your hand. It seems sturdy, not top-heavy at all (a fear I had). So far this is my main mod, I love it as much as my 18650, and maybe a touch more. The only change I would make would be to keep the idle button firmness from past models. There's a mm or so of free play between the buttons and force feedback/resistance. It doesn't affect the ease or effectiveness of button presses, it's just sort of a pet peeve I guess.
18650 size with 21700 Dicodes power
from Warwick Carter on 20/06/2021
Love this device, I’m picky, most 21700 mods are either too big or too tall, the Dani21700 is perfect. Basically the hight of a 18650 but a 21700 that lasts me all day. Great looking mod, that stands apart from the generic box mods that flood the market.
Without a doubt my best vaping experience ever, I do like DNA mods but Dicodes just seems to hit that bit better. Fit and finish is flawless, shape and hand feel is superb. Menu is different from others on the market but not difficult once you get used to it.
Cons.. I’ve got none, not at all bothered it doesn’t have a USB to fail or get dated.
Great service as always from Creme de Vape, exceptionally quick shipping from the UK to NZ
Excellent mod
from Craig Carter on 04/03/2021
Brilliant little mod looks great nice and small and my gt4s looks the bees knees on top of it. I’d had my eye on a dicodes for a while and my only regret I have with this mod is not buying one soonerGreat service from créme de vape aswell.
Solid device
from Simon Green on 21/12/2020
This is an excellent device, compact great finishing and should be on everyone's to get list. Dicodes chip great feel and support up to a 25mm atty. One of my favourite mods.
from John Gardner on 20/12/2020
Beautifully made mod, I've got some high end mods in my collection but this dicodes is the best, the manufacturing is second to non and it feels amazing in the hand, perfect weight and so solid. I'm so glad I bought one and feel it's worth every penny. It took me a few days to get use to the menu but once you've got it you got it, you really can access all features with one hand.Thanks to Creme de Vape for the usual fantastic customer service.
Perfect mode
from Yosef ahron Lax on 21/10/2020
Before I bought I heard a lot about the mod and chip of Dicodes
I was debating a lot because of the cost
After receiving the order, I feel without a doubt that I received a great value for my money, the speed of response of the chip and the aesthetics of the mod, it is exceptional!
The delivery was very fast (even during covid19 virus time) and the help of the site in tracking the delivery was very helpful.

Thank you vape cream
great mod
from Colin Montgomery on 07/09/2020
This mod not cheap but after replacing devices roughly once a year i was looking for one with military robustness . Here it is , its built like a tank but it is also tactile in the hand for all its robustness . The makers have clearly taken some trouble with the electronics as it never gets hot and never loses performance during heavy use . It is nicely finished and has a two year gaurantee ,compared to some which have a three month one which should say it all . Its one battery lasts all day easily .
Great Mod
from Joseph Oxner on 31/08/2020
This is a great mod. Feels great in the hands, and for a single battery, it lasts all day. I came from the Aegis X, and the difference is undeniable. Nice weight in the hands. I recommend getting the leather sleeve to protect this mod from scratches, and to add more grip to it. It can be a bit slippery for us with big hands.
The best mod I came across
from Noam Liav on 31/07/2020
After alot of searching I bought the dani 21700. This mod is absolutely perfect, very comfortable and the hardware is top notch.
Thank you cremedevap for the price and the fast delivery.
Dani Box 21700 Mod
from Ahmed ElShamy on 13/06/2020
Perfect Mod, thank you cremedevape for the very fast delivery and amazing packaging
Awesome mod awesome service
from Anonymous on 07/06/2020
Loving this mod. It’s just slightly larger than the Dani Mini but much smaller than my other 21700 mods. It’s about the same size as the Taifun box which is a 18650 mod. Excellent performance as expected from Dicodes. The smoothest TC vape. I have Yihi and DNA chip mods and they are good but can’t compare to the Dicodes. If you can afford it don’t hesitate to get this mod.
CDV hands down is the best online vendor around. Being in the US it is hard to get high end products. CDV’s service is superior to any site I have purchased from and shipping is faster than from most sites here in the US.
from ali al ramahi on 09/05/2020
Amazing service as per usual with cremedevape very fast delivery and amazing packaging always impresses me. Dani mod is my first dicode mod it’s different than any type of mod I have used since the options is very wide so it’ll take a little while until you get used to it but after that you will be hooked on how amazing and powerful this chip is. The mod I probably one of the smallest 21700 I have used. It feel like a premium mod and the color in real is much better as the picture doesn’t give it justice. I would recommend this item for any one who want to step up their vape game.
Dani 21700 box.
from Stuart Parker on 08/05/2020
The mod is fantastic once you can master the dicodes board.
Hours of trial and error resulted in the best ever temp control experience I've ever had..
Try the sample wire and I will guarantee you buy a reel.
Form factor is really good even better with the leather case.
If you like to tinker to get the best vape possible in my opinion buy this mod you will not be disappointed.
Just WOW
from MICHAEL ZYWICKI on 08/05/2020
Mod is amazing. Service - I'm mind blown. I live in USA. I got the mod in 3 days. It's flawless. I ordered with this amazing company after a horrible situation I had with a "Dicodes look a like" company in the USA (waited two months and had to have bank dispute charge for no item received). Again, flawless device and service. My new most FAV vape shop. Period. Thank you Cremedevape. Would buy you all a beer if it were possible.
Beautiful Craftsmanship!
from Nathan Winton on 06/04/2020
You may be able to find a cheaper Mod to use but you won't find many with better craftsmanship and style. It feels wonderful in the hand and I absolutely love it, although I don't leave the house with it because I don't wanna risk dropping it and scratching it or dinging it up. I think I may buy the Leather Dani 21700 Case so I can show it off a bit. If you can afford this one you won't regret it.
Exceptional Mod for experienced vapers.
from Rolands Gegermanis on 19/03/2020
Hello all,
I had my eye on Dani Box for some time and Dicodes chip itself. As far as I can remember I have always been Evolv DNA fan. Very rarely I would choose mod without DNA in it. And in most cases, I would be disappointed with performance or reliability. I found out about Dicodes some time ago and was looking for a nice mod with this kind of chipset. After watching a few of the Jai Haze reviews on Taifun and Dani Box I decided that Dani Box it is. Multiple reasons are the form factor and the purchase of GT4 which in my opinion is a perfect match with Dani Box 21700. As a first-time Dicodes user, I was a bit scared that it will struggle to learn a new menu system but honestly, after watching PBusardo and Jai Haze videos and little manual reading, it is not that bad. Yes, it is completely different then Evolv but nothing out of this world. For experienced vaper it is just a matter of little learning and getting used to it. Especially if you are not in temp control like me. Mod itself is amazing quality. I actually think the price is very conservative for what you get. Materials and finish are top-notch. Size is surprisingly small as in pictures and videos it looks bigger. Weight is nice and feels like you are holding something of good quality. Overall if you looking at it and thinking about purchase then don't hesitate and get it and you won't regret it. It is worth every penny you pay for it if not more. Thanks, Crem de Vape for excellent service and it is nice to be back here to do some vape shopping. Looking at my purchase history this store was one of the first ones where I started my Vape life many years ago.
Dicodes Dani 21700
from Wayne Jones on 22/02/2020
After largely being underwhelmed by many mainstream mod manufacturers, I decided to take the plunge on this Dicodes mod and don’t regret it. Worth every penny, it exudes quality, accuracy and now I’m saving for the next one. Creme de Vape made the whole purchase process very straightforward.
Dicodes and 21700!
from Anonymous on 08/01/2020
I have two of these mods now, both from CdV
I vape NiFe48 using TC and this Dicodes chip is the most accurate I've ever used. I have all the DNA chips, tried a few YiHi the Dicodes wins. Not by a lot over the DNAs, but still the winner.
This mod lasts all day with the 21700, and since I have the charger, I put one on charger for the next day.

Service here is simply the best, shipping is quick. What are you waiting on?
Fantastic product and service
from Brandon Gardner on 12/12/2019
I’ve been vaping since 10 years and this is hands down the best made mod I’ve owned. It feels really solid in the hand, and the finish is impeccable. With a new battery I can chain vape 2 plus days without charging at 15-20 watts. Temperature control has been rock solid.

I bought the charging stand as well, and it is so nice to drop the device on the charger on my nightstand at the end of the day. I haven’t left the house only to realize I forgot to swap for a fresh battery since.

I’ve read a few reviews elsewhere griping the menu isn’t user friendly enough, but it only took a little getting used to in my view and maybe an extra half-hour reading the instruction manual. I saw others reviews where folks complained there is no micro USB charging port, but that has not been an issue for me. If you do a lot of traveling, I could see where not being able to plug it in might be an issue from time to time, but I’ll just bring the charge stand with me instead of a traditional battery charger. I suppose some have legitimate gripes that the firmware can’t be updated, but that doesn’t bother me.

I’m super impressed with Creme de Vape’s customer service and pricing on high end mods.
Birthday present dicodes 2100 danI box
from Michael King on 08/12/2019
Used for a day now,very impressive mod. Superb build quality, chip the best you can get.
Menu once you get your head around it easy to navigate. I do have an advantage because I
Own Dani v3. I would recommend this mod to anyone looking for an amazing top line device, especially if you are a temp control vaper, so accurate. Well worth the money
As usual Creme de Vape were very efficient, may I wish everyone a very happy Christmas
And a prosperous New Year.
Excellent Design and Execution
from Peter Zirn on 25/11/2019
The minimalist design of the Dani Box and the impeccable engineering will make these devices iconic and timeless. They work flawlessly and the fit and finish is exceptional. You can't even feel the seam between the screen and the stainless steel surrounding it - amazing workmanship that you won't find on devices from the east. The buttons have a satisfying, barely audible metallic clunk which I love. All threading just feels superior also. Battery life is great - especially from the 21700.

All I can say is that I will be ordering another soon - from Creme de Vape of course......
Stunning product band service
from Jonathan Gist on 19/10/2019
Vaping perfection from the Dani Box, especially in temp control. Need to do it justice by adding a high end atty. Creme De Vape offer unparalleled service; Keith is an enthusiast with a passion for vaping. Terrific prices on high end devices.
Stunning product and service
from Jonathan Gist on 19/10/2019
Vaping perfection from the Dani Box, especially in temp control. Need to do it justice by adding a high end atty. Creme De Vape offer unparalleled service; Keith is an enthusiast with a passion for vaping. Terrific prices on high end devices.
17500puffs and has not missed a beat.
from Henrik Palmquist on 02/10/2019
After 17500puffs I can clearly say it's the best mod I own. I had some problems with the finish on the mod.
All I can say on that regard is,
5 stars to cremedevape's service.
5 stars to danibox service.

And if I could, I would give more then 5 stars to the mod itself. If you like tempcontroll and or high Volts, well you will love it.

Br Henrik
Awesome !!
from Paul Cridland on 30/08/2019
Absolutely phenomenal MOD sleek, stylish, very ergonomic, well built and built to last.
Easy to use, ramp up time is unbelievable.
10/10 highly recommended !!
solid little device
from Anonymous on 29/08/2019
Bought this to replace a yihi device really glad I did, battery life is good and temperature control is brilliant, menu looks complicated at first sight but in fact is very easy to figure out, also great service from this site.
Nothing to compare with
from Anonymous on 18/08/2019
Since got dani 21700 can't put it down, probably most nicest to keep in hand, and vape with, fits all what you throw on top of it up to 25mm, battery life better than expected, easy navigation( was a bit confused at start but took hour or so to figure out).
If you looking to get one and still not sure, get it best single battery mod on the market,pricey but well worth it.
Dicodes Dani Box 21700
from Simon Forber on 15/08/2019
Dicodes Dani Box 21700 just love this 21700 nice big screen battery life very good vape all day at 35watts feels very good in hand thanks Creme de vape
Outstanding vape device
from Anonymous on 11/02/2019
The Dani 21700 is a mind-blowing quality device under every aspect.
Only fractionally bigger than the Dani box mini, it makes full use of the improved characteristics of a 21700 battery. Compared to the 18650 version, this device will either run 30% longer runtime at MTL power levels, or truly drive 80 W, with no hiccups whatsoever, through a DTL mesh atomiser - if fitted with a 30T battery.
The circuit operating at a very high frequency provides a smoothness of Vapour that is unique to Dicodes. At the same time, the stability and the precision of the temperature remain unchallenged, even from the other top market contenders.

The fit and finish also have no comparison to other mods. All my Dicodes are carried at the same of all other devices I own, and they are the only ones showing no scratch or dents after months of riding my pockets together with keys, coins and other metallic objects.

The Dani box has no charging port. This may be a "con", but I understand the line of thought of the designers, as in a device meant to last a lifetime and beyond, the Micro-USB port is inadequate and not in line with the general quality of the device. So I bought their charger, but others may not see it as appropriate because of the additional expense.

Again, if you divide the cost of the Dani box and charger over its life, the cost per year of the setup remain much smaller than most of the completion.

It feels to me that the Dani may well remain operational for well over ten years, given its generous design parameters and components quality. I want to stress - this is my personal opinion, not the result of a measurement or of a calculation.

The Dani 21700 has a new added capability. Dicodes added the possibility to measure the internal resistance of the battery in real time and under load.
In this way, it is possible to identify unappropriate / non-genuine batteries, monitor battery aging, troubleshoot vaping problems, and improve operational safety.

The menu is very rational and engineering-oriented. It requires some learning time, as it is structured in a totally different manner of all other vape devices.

As last note, I want to mention the fact that the Dicodes Dani box, when off, it draws - zero - current from the battery. While it may seems trivial, I say it because I had some batteries killed by some Chinese devices in the same quality and price league of the Dani box, after leaving them in the devices - in "off" state - after only two months.

I want to thank Keith from Creme de Vape for his friendly assistance and cooperation all over the acquisition process, and for stocking such devices.
Tiny Perfection
from Anonymous on 02/02/2019
Being already a Dicodes user the new 21700 dani has joined the Dicodes V3 extreme and Dani25.
The Three button interface, makes this even easier to use than the single button tube mods.
The menu layout and progression is exactly the same but you can go forwards Or backwards in the menus a lot easier.
Display is Very Clear, nicely enlarged over the tube mod ones and the Dani Mini, it shows what you need to see on each screen in the menu’s And when in normal use.
Being able to lock the up/down buttons so simply is Very well done and a lot easier than some other mods/brands as is the Very clear “KeyLock” message on the screen And the mod still fires unless you turn the mod off. Which is so easy to do And fire back up there isn’t any reason not to.

Now the Size
Yes it is a 21700 battery mod, but it is Tiny, I have a “lost vape E-petite” single 18650 that feels Bigger in the hand than the 21700, it is a Tiny bit taller (8mm ) feels Smaller and better fitting in the hand.
A Hellfire Cobra, 18650 squonk mod , is maybe 6-9mm Shorter than this and near as the Same size in the hand and they are Tiny.

If it says it does it on the specifications it Does it, no if/but or fudging the question , Dicodes mods DO exactly what they claim they do.
Consistency of the device isn’t ever an issue, it Does what you tell it to.
You Can customise the output to get Your perfect vape, and it is Very simple to do with the Dicodes menus.
Button responses Seem slightly faster than the V3/dani25, and it is Still the superbly smooth Dicodes vape.
Fit/finish of the mod, it’s a Dicodes, Flawless as is the vape from it

Samsung 40T cells fit
Vapecell INR21700/4000mah
20700s fit
Even the BASENBS217A /4000mah cells fit and they are Oversized on diameter And length.

There is only 1 question do you buy this or the Dani Mini which is even Smaller
Crème de Vape customer care is Still one of The best you can ever find in vape circles, combine that with Dicodes support And outstanding products AND warranty And support, means there really isn’t any reason to buy other brands or from other retailers.