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Dicodes Dani SBS 18650

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Average rating: 4.8
Best of the best!
from Artem Olisevych on 28/12/2023
I give 5 stars despite the fact, that the box was dented, perhaps this is my local post office, although the box was bent from the inside and despite the fact, there were two dots on the screen area that looked like they were scratched or not polished properly, also in 510 connector under reduction cone i saw direct scratches, perhaps also poor polishing or this is a factory feature, I don’t even know!
At the same time I ordered Dani SBS QI, and what can i say this is best box mod i ever used it's cost expensive, but worth every penny, this chip like famous smartphone on the market, i couldn't resist and ordered another one, but 21700 masterpiece waiting it in the new year, it's my last order for this year and i wish for your business the best! Best wishes for the new year!
Best service thank you very much team CDV <3
Dani SBS Titan
from Andy Platt on 25/12/2023
First and foremost top marks to Creme for shear speed of delivery.

Now for the Dani SBS, I’m now on my 8th Dani purchase so I must be liking them, my latest one is the Titan and my oh my this is my favourite of them all, coupled up with Kayfun X it’s a stunner
Overall quality of the Dani SBS, built like a tank spot on machining and just damn well works.

Get one you will be addicted.
Form and function
from Anonymous on 30/10/2023
I love my dani sbs. Like all dicodes products it feels like quality that will last. And in my opinion the chipset is genius, simple to use, yet complex and of course fictional. Along with the sbs form is true love indeed. It's worth the money.
Cracking mod
from Andy Platt on 02/06/2023
First and foremost Crème are tops for ordering and delivery and the Dani well what’s to say I have now purchased 4 of these beautiful mods and further one to order, if your thinking about getting one JUST DO IT Thank me later.
High quality SBS mod
from Itshak Vodzilovsky on 07/09/2022
Machined in very high grade that fit up to 25mm RTA’s is comfortable and small form factor build to last.
Allow to choose both two or any one buttons as firing triggers is a great idea.
Menu system is not the most easy to use but after awhile I got use to it.
Dani sbs Dicodes
from Annick Dubruille on 10/06/2022
Excellent packaging and delivery, Dicodes product without surprises and therefore perfect.
Dicodes Dani SBS
from Ehab AlDosoki on 12/01/2022
I am a side by side fan ....
This is my first Dani mod .... I am proud of it
It can adapt up to 25 Atomizer
thanks CDV for the great service
Dicodes SBS… top quality Mod
from Pete Martin on 26/10/2021
Crème de Vape always on point with customer service and prices… top retailer!! This is my third Dicodes Box Mod because I love them. I have the original Dani, the Dani Mini, and now the Dani SBS. I’ve used Dicodes for many years because they’re very well designed and engineered from top quality materials, have a 1st class extremely versatile chip, and an easy indicative menu once you learn your way around it. They’ve never gone wrong and have always been totally reliable offering wide variability to suit vaping preferences up to 80 Watts and capable of getting the best out of low impedance coils for clouds or high impedance for MTL and flavour. I’ve used many different RTA’s & RDA’s over the years and these things have driven all beautifully. Thoroughly recommended!
from Adam Steeds on 24/04/2021
Very nice mod. Tiny but sturdy.

Well built and high quality functionality with more technical customization than you would need. I only use temperature control with mods that are apparently proven to be genuinely capable and even then will generally stick with SS316L to be safe because of its high heat tolerance and corrosion resistance. I have bought a number of mods which have claimed to be Temperature Control capable now and until this one each would have unexplained issues you just can't do anything about. Even with DNA who apparently invented temperature control, sometimes it just doesn't work and there's nothing you can do even using their computer software. This just works.
I tend to stay away from Nickel but would confidently use it with a dicodes. Their NiFe30 vapes incredibly well and the only problem I've had was when a coil was not tied down sufficiently.

I only wish the price was a little more reasonable. It wouldn't have ruined them financially to provide you with a more adequate case instead of the thin tin given by Dicodes or even a carrying case, not that I would ever take it out with me. One more criticism is that the custom coefficient of resistance can only be adjusted by increments of 5 so if you wanted to use Titanium wire for example, not that I ever would, or any other exotic metal you would have to round up. That aside it looks and vapes beautifully.
from Jonathan Barker on 04/04/2021
I purchased the purple daini side-by-side It’s amazing I also have the dani 25 tube and it is nice to have a second button when you pass the option you wanted you don’t have to cycle through anymore. And it does fit a 25 mm nothing more than that I wouldn’t think. I have the taifun gt4 and it fits just perfect. It’s very accurate it works as advertised and cream TV is always amazing to order from discreet shipping. And for the one person deducting a fictional star from there rating like he is toad from Mario party. They did except PayPal and they no longer do at all because PayPal deleted their account. I give cremedevape 1 million stars. And award the complainer nothing and may Lucifer have mercy in his soul
from Jonathan Barker on 04/04/2021
I purchased the purple daini side-by-side It’s amazing I have the 25 tube and it is nice to have a second button when you pass the option you wanted you don’t have to cycle through anymore. And it does fit a 25 mm nothing more than that I wouldn’t think. I have the taifun gt4 and it fits just perfect. It’s very accurate it works as advertised and cream TV is always amazing to order from discreet shipping. And for the one person detecting a fictional star from the rating like he is told from Mario party. They did except PayPal and they no longer do at all because PayPal deleted they’re account. I give cremedevape 1 million stars.
Very solid, reliable and robust mod
from Anonymous on 03/04/2021
For the product - still 5 stars, for the service I reduce 1 star.

I am owner of other Dani Dicodes Dani products. All of them reliable for many years and as a happy customer of Dani and CDV I decided next mod to be Dani SBS.

Mod is again with very high build quality. Use it with their Resistherm for coils, NET liquids and few Kayfuns - always perfect result.

Accurate and constant readings and power, perfect combo for MTL - throat hit, flavor, not a cloud chaser.

Compared to box setup overall is shorter (because obviously atty is positioned lower) and more pocket - friendly. A would say in general much better overall compared to Dani box and superior compared to (at least majority of) another mods.

If you are looking for additional mod with usage on-the-go - then definitely should consider this. Nothing is equal tor comparable to it's low profile, battery capacity and build quality.
Expensive, but very accurate and reliable - I have tube mod for many years about 6 i think) and after countless falls and torture and usage is still working,

Because of steel atty's that I plan to use I bought silver version. It is not really silver (the only minus) and is white-ish of a kind, would recommend black.

Some tanks/atty might be 24 in the base, but with larger rings above - they will NOT fit at all!

If you consider it as upgrade from box mini - not worth the money (IMHO) just because it is shorter. If this is really important or you are looking for another/additional mod or you are new to Dani - definitely a GO.

For the owners of Dani box mods - take into account that because of less buttons controls are more like Dani tubes and not equal to their box modes.

At that price they should deliver charger for free with every mod, not charge you such additionally with such a ridiculous amount extra.

Reducer rings (or at least a selection for 22/24) are coming at additional cost - I consider at that price should be included, it seems as a cheap trick.

Service of CDV is perfect as always (loyal customer), but there are two serious issues - do not accept PayPal and most important - for EU there are import taxes/duties/VAT, which is cost from one side, but also additional effort and trouble. Please consider office/presence in EU!
Solid little mod
from stefan smith on 08/01/2021
Nice little mod, it's solid, no ports, no cables needed, it's all set for you, it has a good weight imo I guess for some it could be a bit heavy. perfoms really well, tc is alright it's not aggressive as dna but it functions really well in all settings it fires and ramps really smoothly just the way I like it, menu is a bit tricky at first, but it's not that difficult at all, the screen for me is not that bad I kind of like that it's discreet, though for me looks a bit outdated but it works, I got the titan version looks really gorgeous, I might get the black in the future so one for mtl and rdl, honestly I struggle to find something to complain about this mod, other than the price, overall I'm enjoying using it.....
Solid + quality
from Glyn Brookes on 15/12/2020
A must have for my collection. Over the moon with size and feel in the hand, was surprised it felt bigger in the hand than my dani mini heavier to. Slight rattle on the top firing button when finger on it otherwise rock solid. usability it’s in the middle of the dicodes range
Looks like a piece of art with taifun gtr or Kayfun lite sat on it.
Life long mod
from Anonymous on 19/11/2020
Used exclusively for almost a week (delivered day after ordering) and I love this! So happy dicodes have finally done a side by side!!
Positives –
really compact,
fab quality,
510 adjustment is perfect (no obstruction/ condensation as can just turn to suit each attys airflow)
Amazing battery management
Very consistent vape
Negatives –
I honestly can't think of any, I suppose for many it would be price but I have a dani basic (s) which I used daily for 5 years (and still works as new) replaced with a dani v2 (m) which I've used daily for a a couple of years (still working flawlessly) - so I have some experience of dicodes quality and for me it is worth every penny. Of course it is a considered purchase, but works out as about a month's cigarette purchases if I was still smoking and with a 2 year guarantee I know that I can 'spread the cost' over at least 24 months. The menu is extensive but I've just dealt with basics (adjusting wattage) and will tackle anything else when need arises. Overall if you like sbs's and want something which you can rely on = a great buy!
from Craig Houghton on 18/11/2020
Excellent quality device, just getting my head around Dicodes menu system. This is probably the best mod in my collection. Perfectly suited to my Kayfun lite (with extention).
Also great service from Creme de Vape.

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