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Cotton Bacon V2.0
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Tasteless but in a good way
from Allan Gould on 30/08/2022
Like most of us I have tried many brands of cotton but I prefer and always come back to Cotton Bacon V2. It's a very clean cotton both looking and taste wise.

Good value for the money especially if like me, you take each of the 10 strips and cut them into quarters, which then makes the pieces the right length for most coils requiring you to just tear off the thickness needed.
I can get 5 wicks from each quarter so around 200 wicks from a bag, I'm happy. The bag, love it, tough keep fresh foil with a ziplock closure.
Best Product
from Claire Dawes on 25/02/2021
This is the best wicking material I have used.

Creme de Vape give a fantastic service and I love how your delivery comes wrapped in tissue paper with a sweet. Vapemail is a pleasure to receive
first class!!
from Anonymous on 25/07/2015
easy to use high quality cotton with no funky taste like some others, definitely the best cotton I've used, e-juice soaks in better and in my opinion does not 'spit' as much as other cottons. would definitely recommend this cotton.

great service ..items are wrapped and presented in pretty blue tissue paper with a little toffee...lovely touch and very quick delivery.
definately worth buying
from Anonymous on 16/07/2015
I've never really had any issue with cotton. I've used the same bag of organic cotton balls from boots since I started vaping and they've been fine. flavour,wicking etc.. just never seemed to be a problem.

Bought some cotton bacon on a whim and I'm quite impressed. Flavour does actually seem better but more importantly for me the wicking performance of my goblin duo (regular and mini) is noticeably better with high VG juice and better still the occasional leaks I have all but vanished.

This is hardly an essential purchase but for convenience, constancy, easy of use and a modest gain I'll happily spend another £4 a year or two when the nice little zip lock bag is empty.
Love this cotton
from Anonymous on 03/07/2015
I am new to dripping but have tried silica and other cottons. I rate this my best so far and will definitely use it as my go-to wick. Neutral flavour, easy to use and very clean. Not full of crappy seeds like some brands.
The perfect wicking material!
from Anonymous on 26/06/2015
I've tried different wicking products Inc. organic Jap cottons but this stuff is the only wicking material I have used that doesn't make me cough unless I boil in distilled water a few times!
Straight from the pack it's really easy to use, holds juice and wicks better than other cottons with no horrible taste. Would never go back to other cotton after using this...better flavour. bigger clouds and lasts much longer too!
It's true,no funky break in taste...great cotton :)
from Anonymous on 09/06/2015

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