Customer ratings for Blunt needle e-liquid syringe

Blunt needle e-liquid syringe
Product no.: DIY-SYR

E-liquid syringe with blunt needle

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Number of ratings: 13
Average rating: 4.5
great product
from Anonymous on 24/07/2014
please sell different bores
from Anonymous on 26/04/2014
the thing works great but not with vg- comes with an 18 bore needle that clogs when the thicker vg liquid is used.

offer them with a 14 bore needle too and all will be perfect with the world.
from Anonymous on 07/09/2012
If it came in a tin, it would do exactly what was said on in. Essential kit.
Very highly
from Anonymous on 24/07/2012
Excellent product, I am of the more mature age group with fingers like a gorilla, and the shakes to go with them. This syringe is ideal for me to get the liquid where and when I want it, ideal for refilling carts,with no waste or sticky mess to worry over, and is very easy to clean after use.
e-Liquid Syringe
from Anonymous on 20/07/2012
It is what it is, and does what it does, but I would be lost without it.
So much easier than just dripping.
Very Good
from Anonymous on 05/07/2012
Great however the markings rub off very quickly- to beat this best to make notches on the side with a sharp knife [ 1ml to 5ml].
A must for all !
from Anonymous on 25/04/2012
Excellent. So easy to to make your own mixes and refil carts.
very good product I recommend to all
from Anonymous on 06/04/2012
Really good
from Anonymous on 03/04/2012
Never a problem with these, just about perfect and very strong. Was not able to use the supplied liquid to fill Clearomisers as it's a little thick.
from Anonymous on 13/03/2012
Makkes filling and emptying so much easier. Great with tanks and down the side of cartos. Safe also and easily cleaned.
Very Useful Syringe
from Anonymous on 01/03/2012
Only problem I have with it is that the PG Fluid seems to dissolve the ink used for the measurement markings... I've bought a couple more of them and intend to use some clear nail varnish to try and prevent the makings from coming off.
from Anonymous on 18/02/2012
great product, only down side is that the needle is 2big for filling cartomisers it just pushes the filling down.
other than that great product.
from Anonymous on 22/01/2012
U def need one of these or three! lol, Well handy for mixing your own grotty mixes! lol, and filling 5ml tanks up with, or getting the last dregs out of a ego tank, the red bit comes off to be able to clean it proper