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Microcoil Jig
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Coil jig
from Martin Philps on 09/07/2023
Excellent piece of kit.
Highly recommend.
Handy bit of kit
from James Stubbs on 22/11/2020
Bought this as an additional tool for pesky/fiddly builds (think I own three of these now actually) good quality with all measurements fitting pre built coils perfectly and also great for wrapping also. Usual high standard of service from CDV also.
Microcoil Jig
from Anonymous on 01/07/2020
High quality coil tool, easy to use & multi function uses. Great price & amazing service from creme de vape. Thanks
from Iain Campbell on 30/05/2020
Timing couldn't have been better lost my go to micro screw driver. Great sizing options
Very handy
from Anonymous on 18/03/2019
Well made, easy to use.
from Anonymous on 03/07/2015
Excellent product, stainless steel, clearly marked with 5 different coil sizes. Very easy to use, I am new to coil wrapping and with this tool, its a doddle. It is low cost but high quality. Thanks all, I'm now on Cloud 9. I am buying a second one to build the Trico... see u-tube.
from Anonymous on 19/02/2015
Don't waste your money (as I did) on one of those 'Auto-Coil-Thingies'... this is far superior and doesn't 'over-wrap' your kanthal.

Highly recommended! 10/10.
Great little tool
from Anonymous on 10/12/2014
Not only is it good for making coils its great as a prodder to get rid of hotspots and is small enough on the tip to put in the air hole of your tank when it wont unscrew and use it as a leaver without bending. :P