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Microcoil Jig
Product no.: DIY-TOOL-01

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from Iain Campbell on 30/05/2020
Timing couldn't have been better lost my go to micro screw driver. Great sizing options
Very handy
from Anonymous on 18/03/2019
Well made, easy to use.
from Anonymous on 03/07/2015
Excellent product, stainless steel, clearly marked with 5 different coil sizes. Very easy to use, I am new to coil wrapping and with this tool, its a doddle. It is low cost but high quality. Thanks all, I'm now on Cloud 9. I am buying a second one to build the Trico... see u-tube.
from Anonymous on 19/02/2015
Don't waste your money (as I did) on one of those 'Auto-Coil-Thingies'... this is far superior and doesn't 'over-wrap' your kanthal.

Highly recommended! 10/10.
Great little tool
from Anonymous on 10/12/2014
Not only is it good for making coils its great as a prodder to get rid of hotspots and is small enough on the tip to put in the air hole of your tank when it wont unscrew and use it as a leaver without bending. :P