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Standard Silica Wick 5m
Product no.: DIY-WICK

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Number of ratings: 10
Average rating: 4.9
Kayfun Classic Wick
from Allan Gould on 17/02/2024
Purchased to make an original type of Kayfun wick/coil setup for easy dry burning of the coil without the need to remove the wick.
Works well by placing a pin along a length and then wrapping the wire around both, remove pin and then install onto deck.
Loads of silica wick in the pack making this a good value purchase.
new improved? love this now!
from Anonymous on 08/11/2013
The first lot of this I ordered in September was good, but I found it had an odd taste on a new coil and sometimes didn't wick fast enough for the first day or so. I figured that was maybe my technique, not the wick, and re-ordered in October. The second order looked and felt different - it was much more fragile and the twists were not as defined, but it has absolutely no odd taste and always keeps up with my coil. I hope my next order will have this new wick in, because it is absolutely brilliant!
10 out of 10
from Anonymous on 09/03/2013
A small thing but one of the most important. I would recommend this wick above all others.
Better than some pre-installed.
from Anonymous on 27/12/2012
I've found this actually better than some ready-made wick. Only used the 2mm so far, but excellent results.
Good product
from Anonymous on 04/10/2012
The 2mm seems to work well with my viva nova tank,no problems wicking seems to draw plent of vapour.Need to order some 1mm for my bulli rebuildable soon along with some mesh.
from Anonymous on 19/09/2012
Great 2mm wick but for some reason it discolours very fast, could be because i use HIgh VG% but it gives a FAB vape. I like this very much and it can be gently washed and reused once more after the first use. If i could give it 4 1/2 i would. Works great with my Mark Bugs Infinity and Bulli A2 T. It dont fray to easy like some do.
Good bit of 2mm wick
from Anonymous on 28/08/2012
Brilliant bit of wick. Doesn't fray too easily unlike others I've tried. Excellent for rebuilding ViVi Nova heads or Vision Ego Replaceable clearomiser heads. Have tried using a single strand of this and also using this paired with a strand of 1mm. Results were excellent each time with either method.
Fantastic wicking
from Anonymous on 15/08/2012
The cords are supplied nicely looped, I have bought both the 1mm and 2mm versions. The fibres are tightly wound, and do not come apart easily. Definitely recommended if you plan to rebuild atomisers. No bad taste when burnt, and very stable under high temps. Certainly a high quality wick, and I have rebuilt many, many atomisers with this wonderful stuff!
Good Product
from Anonymous on 04/08/2012
Very pleased with the quality would urge any one to buy
Very Good Product
from Anonymous on 23/07/2012
What can i say about a piece of Wick.
Well all i can say is very good price no complains about that
and the service i get from Cloud9 superb delivery, if i order
a item or items early on the day it will receive them the next