Fruit Hoops with Milk Flavour Concentrate - 10ml

Fruit Hoops with Milk Flavour Concentrate - 10ml

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Flavour Concentrate - 10 ml

Fruit Hoops with Milk Flavour

Fantastic array of flavours for you to create your own yummy concoctions.

All flavours are food grade water soluble solutions.

Mix with nicotine mixing Liquid and Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerine to create your own made-to-measure DIY e-liquid.

We recommend you start with 5% flavouring and go up to 20% depending on the desired strength of flavour in your finished mixture.


None of our flavours have tested positive for diacetyl or the similar molecule, Acetyl Propionyl. 


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Flavouring Type
  • Desserts & Cereals

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