Tobacco Variety Pack by Creme de Vape - 6x10ml

Product no.: J-CVBOX-V2TOB
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Epic Tobacco Flavours
from on 03/11/2022
Not so much of a secret now I’m posting this but these are my all day Vapes. A beautiful selection of different tobacco flavours, not too strong and not too weak, just right. My personal favourite is the RY4 and I love reds too, well I like them all. Brilliant price also and always in stock. You seriously can’t go wrong with this tobacco pack.
Great Variety and Good Value
from on 25/04/2020
This was my first purchase from Creme de Vape 5 years ago when I decided to quit smoking and I have been buying it ever since. There is a variety of flavours, all different all very good. The quantity of each is ideal and when one bottle is finished it's just the right time to try something new. The little bottles fit in the pocket and the filling tube ideal for topping up my Aspire Tigon (also a great gadget first one I have found that doesn't leak). Would recommend this to any first time Vaper to decide which you like best, for other vapers to try some alternatives to their normal flavours without investing too much in something they hate and those like me who just like a change from the routine.
from on 08/07/2018
Have vaped for over 8 years and have used these for quite a while now. It's great that I can have different flavours at such a good price. Highly recommend.

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