Nic Nic Flavourless 50VG 20mg Nicotine Salt Shot

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Nic Nic Flavourless 50/50 PG/VG 20mg Nicotine Salt Shot - 10ml

Flavourless Mixing Liquid for vapers who prefer to create their own e-liquid at home without compromising on quality or strength.

You can either use it with zero nicotine shortfill e-liquid or in combination with VG/PG and one or more flavours from our huge range of flavour concentrates to concoct your perfect custom recipe.

Sourced and manufactured within the UK using the highest quality pharmaceutical USP/EP grade nicotine and is available in a choice of strengths and formulations.



To use with zero nicotine shortfill e-liquid:
Simply add the bottle of nicotine straight to the shortfill bottle and shake very well.
Adding a 10ml bottle of 20mg/ml nicotine to a 50ml shortfill will give you a total quantity of 60ml of 3.3mg/ml strength e-liquid.


To use to make your own DIY e-liquids:
Example mix ratios are shown below.
For alternative mixes, please use our E-liquid mixing calculator.


Using a whole bottle (10ml) 20mg/ml flavourless nicotine and flavouring at 20% of the final mixture

Flavouring  Plain PG/VG Final quantity Final strength
2.5ml 0 12.5ml 16mg/ml
4ml 6ml 20ml 10mg/ml
5ml 10ml 25ml 8mg/ml
8ml 22ml 40ml 5mg/ml
16ml 54ml 80ml 2.5mg/ml


We urge you to read the safety information and take the proper precautions when mixing your own e-liquids.


Additional product information

Safety Information Download
E-liquid Type
  • Nicotine Shot
  • Nic Salt
VG Level
  • 50% VG
Flavour Type
  • Unflavoured

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