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Svoemesto Kayfun Mini V3 RTA
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Number of ratings: 17
Average rating: 4.9
Flavour monster!
from Rony Somanah on 06/02/2020
Excellent build quality. excellent flavour. can also be used for dtl! highly highly recommend! this is a product which will last you literally forever! It might not be cheap but it is well worth the price! this tank can still compete with today's mtl! no doubt anou that!
The best
from Anonymous on 16/10/2019
As always its a pleasure to buy from Creme de vape. Excellent service, products and speed of shipping.
Will not buy anywhere else.
Thank you.
from nick holmes on 25/05/2019
I’ve been pondering over purchasing the mini V3 for a while now, already owning the Prime & the KFL19, did I really need an older Kayfun?
Received next day delivery from CDV excellent service.
Just set it up which was very easy.
And in answer to my question Yes.
I’m happy to say I’m not disappointed. Great vape and quality product.
Thanks Creme de vape.
Simply one of the best tanks made
from Anonymous on 16/06/2017
This really is one of the best mtl tanks you can spend your cash on. I have a couple of these now and can not speak highly enough about how good they really are.
If you have been contemplating getting one do yourself a big favour and get it. You will have no regrets.
Great flavour, precision engineering, looks good on any mod, easy to build on, no leaks, painless to refill, this is is one of my top two tanks for well over a year now.
Topped off by the best service and pricing by CDV, this is a no brainer. Enjoy.
from Anonymous on 20/03/2017
After much trial and error for mouth to lung devices I took the plunge and ordered this after much research. Delivered to TX in a week after placing order which was faster than most other vendors. Excellent taste vapor and no issues with leaking, easy to fill. Could not be happier.
Very Nice!
from Anonymous on 01/03/2017
This is a very nice tank, very well made and delivers superb flavour but if you like a tight draw, it's a slight let down, hence only 4-stars.

I cannot get the tightness I like without an irritating gurgle. I even purchased the plastic airflow screws which although helped a little, still did not give me what I wanted.

That said, if you don't want a very tight draw, then you won't go wrong with this little beauty.
Wow, what a tank!
from Anonymous on 29/11/2016
I'm a confirmed mouth to lung vaper and have been using the Nautilus Mini for some time. The Nautilus is a great little tank but I was getting fed up with buying coils so wanted a tank where I could build my own. This tank got great reviews everywhere so I decided to splash the cash and get one.

I'm VERY impressed with the V3 Mini. Building the coil was very easy, adjusting the airflow was a bit of trial and error but didn't take long. Filling the tank is a piece of cake with the top fill design. The quality of the engineering is second to none, it has very good threads and the thing goes together perfectly.

This was my first order with Creme De Vape and it was a good experience. I ordered Monday afternoon and it arrived Tuesday morning. Couldn't ask for more!
SVOEMESTO - simply perfect.
from Anonymous on 10/09/2016
Once you get into rebuilding yourself, this is one of the best rebuildable heads you can buy.
The Kayfun 3 mini is like his big brother Kayfun V5, one of the best tasting and easiest to wick but - most importantly - in reliabiity it beats the rest by a mile.
Being a bit smaller than the Kayfun V5 it is my daily companion. Only Kayfun's are the one that doesn't come with all sorts of other problems (leaking, spitting etc.)
from Anonymous on 02/06/2016
Absolutely thrilled with this product. First off, excellent delivery from Creme De Vape, ordered around 3pm yesterday, arrived 9am this morning.

As for the Kayfun. It's amazing. The flavor I'm getting from this is such an enormous step up from any other MTL tanks I've used. Using the Nautilus Mini, for example, it's like going from a BMW (a nice one) to a top-of-the-range Ferrari. While the Nautilus Mini was exceptional for getting me off the stinkies, the step up with the Kayfun is just amazing.

The airflow is perfect, the vapor production is good (not ridiculous like most sub-ohm set-ups), but the flavor is the main reason for getting this. It's exceptional.

Extremely happy with the purchase. Yes, it's expensive, and the build desk is pretty small, but apart from those small cons, it's perfect.

Vaping with a 10 wrap 28 gauge Kanthal @ 1.4 ohms at 12-14 watts.

Thanks Creme De Vape :)
Sweet spot of vaping
from Anonymous on 19/04/2016
Compared to the current trend in sub ohm atomizers with ridiculously huge airflow this produces what seems like double the flavour, a respectable amount of vapour and uses half the eliquid.

This is in my opinion an absolute sweet spot in atomizer design - the proven kayfun deck and chimney have been tweaked for even more flavour, more dense vapour and the abilty to use max vg eliquid. It is at the pinnacle of atomizer design and well worth the cost for such a refined and beautiful vaping experience. Just be prepared for a tight to loose mouth to lung draw (depending how airflow is set) or a restricted direct lung inhale (which is perfect for me).

I cannot go back to any of my other RTAs or tanks as this Kayfun Mini v3 has set a new standard that is far above anything else I have tried in 6 years of vaping. After 2 weeks of constant use there has been zero leaks or flooding and it has wicked even max vg liquids perfectly.

The best coil I have found for this is 5 wraps of 28 gauge kanthal with 2.5mm diameter - a spaced coil performs best for me, total width with spacing is around 4mm. This gets the best flavour and vapour combination after trying many setups including microcoils and various diameters and wire gauges.

I don't usually review things but in this case I felt compelled to let people know how good this thing is. Hope you find it useful.
from Anonymous on 07/04/2016
Just had my first vape on my newly arrived V3 and the only thing to say is IMPRESSED!!!! A really tasteful vape with loads of clouds, excellent engineering ! Should last a lifetime! And last and not least brilliant service, packaging , delivery, from a 1st class shop !!!!
Mini Magic.
from Anonymous on 09/03/2016
I like it, I like it a lot.
Superb RTA
from Anonymous on 04/03/2016
Includes all the best aspects of prior Kayfuns. Exceptional machining quality, simple to build on and super easy refill - can top up in literally 10 seconds. Excellent flavour, consistent wicking, ... my new favourite tank!
from Anonymous on 27/02/2016
Very easy to coil and wick, vapor and flavor are excellent,I have been using a genesis system prior to this not any more no more burning mesh and sorting out shorts, very happy with the Kayfun mini v3.
good vaping
from Anonymous on 18/02/2016
i puchased kayfun mini v3
because 19mm dia atomaizer
smooth and thick atomization amount batter than 22mm
good !
Super vape
from Anonymous on 09/02/2016
As expected, another great RTA from Svoemesto.
Very easy to build and to fill. The juice control is very simple to use and I prefer this over my Kayfun V4.
I have a 28AWG build, 8 wraps at 2.5mm which comes out at 1.5ohm. Running at 12W with juice control open 2 turns. 50/50 Element Vanilla. Perfect.
Flavour & Vapour exceeds expectation
from Anonymous on 03/02/2016
Flavour & vapour excellent. Coiled with 0.25mm Kanthal on 2mm rod approx 1.35Ohms. Copes well with heavy VG juice (12 Monkeys). No dry hits, no leaks, no drama, just full-on taste & vapour production.
Currently on YiHi SX Mini, power mode, 6.8 watts, boost on standard - surprising performance. Build & wicking are easy, top-fill a big advantage. Fitted a Frenchy Fog wide bore Delrin drip tip, good combo.
As ever quality service from Crème de Vape