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Kayfun Mini V3 Centre Pin
from on 29/08/2021
I have a couple of Kayfun Mini's and find them pretty much perfect for my style of vaping. I've managed to drop my vape a few times and this pin snapped where it connects to the build deck on both of them. I'm so glad these are sold as spare parts as it allowed me to rebuild both of mine and not have to throw them away.
Easy to install, great quality, and quick service from cremedevape as always, whenever I order from here I feel they appreciate my custom.
Very good
from on 21/02/2017
I broke my center pin trying to reposition the positive terminal block (I have the new improved insulator kit now which resolved this problem).the new center pin is a better fit,the "O" ring is not such a tight fit which is a good thing as you now have a better feel to when the pin is tight enough to hold the terminal block in place,without over tightening.(put some liquid on the "O"ring before tightening you will have a better feel to know when to stop.do not over tighten).
Works as expected
from on 08/09/2016
When I drop my mini v3 and the center pin snapped I was really annoyed. I though I had to buy a new mini v3. The mini v3 is one of my favourite RDA. I was so pleased when Keith told me he was selling the center pin. It fits perfectly.
Quick note: If you need one of those be aware that you will need also a 5mm hex socket. Just lube the o-ring with VG for example and push it in with the insulator at the top. With the socket it is really easy do screw it in place.

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