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Svoemesto Kayfun Prime RTA
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Average rating: 4.9
8 years of pure happiness using Kayfuns
from Zain Ansari on 08/02/2024
I've been using Svoe Mesto products since past 8 years. First it was a Kayfun 5 which i used for 4 years constantly and now Its the Prime. Been using for 4 years straight. I must say this is the best RTA i have ever used. The Build quality of Svoe Mesto cannot be matched by any other brand. The premium feel and Quality is remarkable. I don't use any other RTAs at all. Its only Kayfuns since past 8 years. Kayfun Now and forever.
Kayfun prime
from Anonymous on 22/09/2022
Great rta and excellent service from cremedevape.
A Quality Standard.
from Anonymous on 07/09/2022
Between many High End RTA’s
Past and Present for me the Prime preforms a Standard of overall quality.
I always heavily use few Primes for NET e juices.
The 4.5ml extension kit is great for my use and fit my SBS mod with no issues at all.
This RTA is as reliable and relevant no less this days.
it’s a Standard!
2nd one I like it that much
from MATTHEW ARMITAGE on 02/04/2022
Probably the best built RTA I have bought. So good I bought two.
from Anonymous on 17/12/2021
Great product, this is my 3rd one. I only buy from Creme de vape. best store and service in the vaping business.
Prime time for kayfun
from Anonymous on 04/11/2021
Amazing atty this is my third collection
Building coils is very easy
The small chamber makes the flavor vapor more centralized
The ejuice control is very good by rotating the chamber it is an innovative Air flow control hole that can be adjusted according to the suction you like.
Here you can get a dry taste maybe it will be very suitable for tobacco ejuice
The Best
from Collin Gross on 15/06/2021
Im glad I purchased this from creme de vape was a easy process and super fast shipping. The draw on this one is more airy but tight better as I thought the kafun lite plus RTA was to tight for me. The wicking is the same as the kayfun lite plus. All around awesome RTA wish I found creme de vape sooner.
Best Kayfun
from Edgar Astrov on 22/03/2021
I've tried almost all of Kayfun's, this one is the best overall.
Top Quality
from Claire Dawes on 25/02/2021
It goes without saying that this is a fantastic tank as per all Svoemesto Kayfuns. Great airflow and a great tank to use.

Creme de Vape gives a fantastic service and I love how your delivery comes wrapped in tissue paper with a sweet. Vapemail is a pleasure to receive
from Craig Houghton on 26/01/2021
Having used the Kayfun Lite for my MTL set-up for a while, I decided it was time for a change. Boy am I glad I did. No more having to remove the atty from my mod just to refill. The draw is just perfect, the flavour is spot on and of course as with all SvoeMesto products the build quality is the best money can buy. Well worth the outlay.
Kayfun prime
from Eme Assiak on 07/12/2020
First, you would be hard pressed to find a company as good as Creme de Vape. They will go out of their way to help you, and the service is second to none, as is their knowledge.

I had 3 kayfun 5’s. Had, because, did you know, there’s only so many times you can drop the kayfun onto a hard surface before it finally gives up, I gave up counting after 10. And, to be fair it still works, but only on one mod. So, I got the prime and was was so pleased when the larger metal tank from the 5 fit on to it. So besides the virtual indestructability of this atty (with the metal tank on), why else do I rate it so highly. Simply put, easy to build, great flavour, brilliant engineering, and it looks good.
The elegantly simplistic Svoemesto Kayfun Prime.
from michael wallace on 05/07/2020
The smoothness of the draw is unparalleled. The simple and easy to use airflow system can be set with no further need to re-adjust. The juice flow control is as simple as the airflow control. Once a coil is installed - wicking / re-wicking is extremely easy. Whether a tank extension is used or not makes no difference to this tank. After all how hard is it too unscrew the lid and pour more juice in. Just make sure you close the juice control first !. Great vapour production using low power, along with excellent flavour enhancement via a reduced chamber size, other RTA manufacturers have certainly got their work cut out for them to compete with the Svoemesto Kayfun Prime. I can find absolutely nothing to complain about it. It's perfect !.
Amazing all round
from Lee Spinks on 03/05/2020
This is my 3rd purchase from creme de vape. First class service as always and a speedy delivery.
This is my 2nd kayfun I own the lite 2019. The kayfun prime is built with precision and quality everything you would expect.
It wicks well with the 60,40 juice I'm using.
The draw is silky smooth and flavour is rich.
Good if not leaking.
from Anonymous on 02/05/2020
Nice rebuildable atomizer. I was using many Genesis type of atomizers in the past, but most of the time I used a bottom feeder in the last 8 years. However all of my devices gave up so I had to look for something new. I bought it, because one of my friend recommended it.
I used it as it is, out of the box, I didn't disassemble, just made up the coil with the wick and filled up with liquid. My first impressions were really good. Nice taste (not as great as what you'd get from a BF).
Bit interesting way to fill it up, close it first, then fill, then open.
So, I was satisfied with it, until I saw a leakage on the bottom at the 510 connector. It looks like it started leaking at very the bottom. I checked all the sealing rings, but all looks ok. I only changed the airflow at the very beginning, so that didn't move.
I was happy for two weeks, until it worked great, but I just don't have time and patient to find where is the leakage, probably I'll take it out in a few years to fix it.
from Anonymous on 04/02/2020
This is a first class MTL atomiser! It's easy to build, very well made and delivers a perfect MTL draw. Flavour is great and wicking is faultless, at least with the 50/50 juice I am using.
After so many years of manufacturers only producing direct lung atomisers, it's great to see by SvoёMesto return to their roots and produce a perfect MTL atomiser.
Best tank
from Hani Jawawdeh on 02/01/2020
Without any doubt this is one of the best RTA’s I’ve used.
from Ian Sivorn on 14/10/2019
Awesome little tank and very smooth and full on flavour, simple to build on.

In my opinion Svoemesto are the best hence why I've got four different tanks by them.

I'd aso like to add that Creme De Vape are A+ to purchase from and respond to all question that I've sent so far.


Superb MTL Experience
from Colin Green on 15/08/2019
The Kayfun Prime in my opinion is the best by far for experiencing a true MTL vape,
From a tight to a open draw the Prime will give you every option available with the added bonus of top fill, an easy to build deck area and plenty of SvoeMesto extras for you to personalise the Prime to your requirements,
Whether you use a high VG liquid or a 50/50 the Prime will deliver a flavoursome vape every time.
from Anonymous on 18/03/2019
This is a very well made, very easy to use and stealth tank. It vapes very smooth.
The best there is
from Antony John Hart on 15/03/2019
Imho this is beyond a doubt the best MTL tank out there yes its expensive but worth every penny. I've tried so many different tanks and probably spent more than the price of two of the kayfun primes and have always been disappointed until now. Also the service that Keith offers is exceptional really helpful and solid advice.
Top class
from Matthew Kennedy on 08/02/2019
I’ve been using this since its release date back in 2017 and it has been my favourite Kayfun of them all. Easy to build, easy to fill, no leaks no gurgles and looks great because it’s small in height. Top quality as always by Svoemesto and Creme de Vape.
Price tag
from Anonymous on 27/10/2018
I've been vaping for over 6 years and I've been right through the Kayfun range however, the price tag annoyed me somewhat it was as though Svoemesto just weren't being realistic or competitive, After all you can pick up plenty of atomisers nowadays between £15 and £30, i should know I have a drawer full of them totalling much more than this one and some, trust me they are all shite!. I received the Kayfun Prime yesterday and half expected to have come on here to slate it for the money it cost. In fact being a tight git I was looking forward to it however, I just can't. Svoemesto have cracked it (MTL that is) this thing is amazing! adjustable airflow without the need to take it apart, juice control that works, simple to build, spare tank ++ and the flavour and draw are second to none. Don't think about buying this just do it you won't regret it I swear, especially with the service from Creme de Vape next day signed for delivery you even get a free toffee FCS. Well done guys I'm buying another one for the wifey next week bravo.
from julie croft on 09/10/2018
After 45 years of smoking and trying to quit for the last two years with numerous vaping set ups including the nautilus 2 which was my last MTL tank i decided to buy a Kay fun prime and so pleased i did not smoked a cigarette now for over four weeks all thanks to my Kay fun prime , Its undoubtedly the best tank on the market in my opinion a joy use and a small price to pay to stop me smoking , The delivery and customer service from Creme De Vape is second to none now considering buying another in reserve .
from Anonymous on 07/06/2018
30 year smoker, converted to vaping 5 yrs ago and never looked back . . thought I had found my sweetspot with the Kayfun Lite . . I was wrong.

As a confirmed MTL vaper (I do not understand the bong like antics of direct inhale - believe me I've tried) the Prime is THE best bit atty I have ever owned. and I have a large collection. Simple to build,
airflow (on single dot) perfect, flavour fantastic. I bought a Kayfun 5 and found it a faff . . .forget the rest, this is the real deal for all confirmed MTL addicts. Build quality superb, juice control with the thicker substances fantastic - even the smaller tank is no bother as refilling is a dream compared to removing the tiny screw on a Kayfun Lite.

Cannot see myself changing this for several years . . buy one now without hesitation . .
from Seewoosagur Kallee on 12/05/2018
I only realized how lucky I am when I forgot my kayfun prime and had to sue some other RTAs! This RTA is a no is that good!
Plus the after sales service from Svoemesto is Exxxcelllent!
from Anonymous on 25/01/2018
As per Mary Poppins...practically perfect in every way.
It's really fantastic!
from Anonymous on 14/01/2018
Have to admit never used Kayfun before. It's my first one. As a long time vaper I'm in the middle between MTL and DTL depends on the hardware rig I use at the moment. This one gave me fantastic taste and spot on vapor temperature. It's crafted with care to the smallest detail. It's easy to build, no hassle to use. Probably the right choice for MTL vapers.

Excellent is the right word that describes the CDV service. Couldn't be better!
Nobody does it better...
from Anonymous on 11/12/2017
Like other reviewers, I'm a died-in-the-wool MTL guy and the Prime has everything, and more, someone like me could want in an RTA. Been vaping since the early days of Boge cartos and have gone through too much kit looking for the perfect hardware (juice is ongoing...). Well, this is definitely, it. Easy to build on, easy adjustable 6-step AFC that stays where it's put, buttery smooth threading, no gurgling, no leaking, no flooding, nothing, except a fantastic flavoursome vape - and therefore more importantly - absolutely zero hassle. Perfectly engineered and superbly finished, it looks gorgeous, too. One thing I found surprising was how quiet the draw is. Yes, you do get what you pay for. Verdict: 10/10
from Anonymous on 07/12/2017
This is the best mtl tank I have ever used. I haven't even used it for a day yet and it's that good! The vape is extremely smooth with a tight draw which has me seriously considering lowering my nicotine as the delivery is so efficient. I've have a Mark Bugs Gem 2 and a Kayfun Lite which are both good tanks, but the Prime provides me with exactly what I've been looking for.

The flavor can be described as detailed and pure, allowing for the nuances of my ADV tobacco to be accurately perceived.

Despite liking the size and height, I will probably buy the extension for it as the 2ml TPD is a pain if I'm out for extended periods. The juice control took a little getting used to but I'm sure that's just my lack of experience with it.

A well recommended tank from a great company.
Excellent MTL atty - recommended!
from Anonymous on 04/12/2017
I already had the Svoemesto mini v3, which I was happy with. But when I saw the Prime, I was attracted by the ease of adjusting the airflow. It was also a bit shorter in height, which was also an attraction, as I was looking for something a bit more compact. I'm a MTL vaper, but don't like the draw to be too 'tight'. At first I was slightly worried that the Prime might be a little too restrictive for me, but it has plenty of adjustability, from what I'd think of as very tight up to what I'd think of as being fairly open. I use it mid way on the adjustment scale - between three and four 'dots'. It's easy to build for and easy to clean / fill. Flavour is excellent too, which is another big plus. I'm very happy with it. I still use my mini v3 on another mod, but I find I'm using the prime most of the time now. I use it on a Dani box, which is also excellent.
Excellent MTL Atty
from Anonymous on 04/12/2017
As a confirmed MTL vape (I do occasionally stray), the Prime is a godsend. Superb build quality, easy to build on and maintain, and the flavour with my tobacco based liquids (using the smallest air flow - 1mm I think) is excellent. I was so impressed I had to get a second one. Whilst I still love and use my other Kayfuns (Mini V3, 4, & 5), the Prime is my favourite for true MTL vaping. Highly recommended without reservation.
Must have atty
from Anonymous on 04/12/2017
The taste is above all for me, this is why I prefer Kayfun line of vaping products. The Prime is the most delectable among this line items. Moreover, it is very convenient and easy in use.
The best flavor and an excellent MTL tank
from Anonymous on 01/12/2017
I have KFL+, KFV4 and KFV5 and the Prime is the best for me. It's got the best flavor and you can adjust the air flow very easy just like the KFV5 but it have the true MTL restricted air flow just like the KFL+ but again with easy top filling. I own 2 Prime, 1 with the extension kits to use in the house and 1 without the extension kits to bring outside whenever I go.
As a MTL vaper, it’s the best tank I own.
from Anonymous on 19/10/2017
My first RTA was the V3 Mini and I was so blown away by the quality and flavour of the vape that I next bought a KF5 with the MTL reducer, which I also love.
When I first saw the Prime it looked like it had the best bits of the V3Mini and the KF5 in one tank and so I ordered one as soon as it was available, without waiting for any reviews!
I realise that vaping is very subjective, but to me the Prime is my perfect tank. The flavours from my favourite e-liquids are the best I have tasted, and the simplicity of the AFC let’s me easily adjust airflow to just what I need throughout the day.
The build quality of the atomizer & the ease of building on the deck, make the Prime a joy to use.
Can’t wait for the next shipment, as although it’s not a cheap tank I definitely need another one. I’ve been cigarette free for one year after a 30 year habit, and the price of a Prime is a small cost to keep me of the ciggies!
from Anonymous on 12/10/2017
The best Kayfun I used.
This is the best Kayfun since the Kayfun Lite.
from Anonymous on 06/10/2017
If you get rid of the over engineering in the Kayfun 4, the large size of the Kayfun 5 and the screwdriver needed for the lite you have the Kayfun Prime.

The flavour is spot on and the draw it just like the Kayfun Lite, most importantly the threads are easy to use unlike the Kayfun 4, this is what the 4 should have been hands down the best Kayfun since the Lite.

Now we have a proper Kayfun that's easy to build on, produces great flavor and top fills without the need for a screwdriver, fantastic.
Yet another SvoeMesto masterpiece
from Anonymous on 28/09/2017
I’ve been a Kayfun user since Kayfun released the Lite,
The new Prime is a perfect mouth to lung Vape with the added advantages of top filling, adjustable air flow ranging from a very tight draw to a loose mouth to lung draw,
6 airflow options will give the perfect Vape for the mouth to lung vaper to choose from,
The flavour production is superbly enhanced because of the small chamber that SvoeMesto have designed,
Although the chamber is small the build deck offers ample room to use any type of wire including Clapton wire,
All in all SvoeMesto have produced yet another top quality tank aimed for the mouth to lung vaper,
If you want top quality at an affordable price I certainly would recommend the Prime,
You won’t be disappointed.
My Kabukis may be retiring
from Anonymous on 28/09/2017
Just received this and have to say that 1 airflow setting "the single dot" omg it's perfect for me, the most beautiful MTL setting I've ever had, it absolutely smashes all my kayfuns and Kabukis out the water hands down.

The funniest part is the coil I put in USB probably the ugliest coil I've ever made 7 wraps of 27g Kanthal on an unknown diameter lol but it's 1.3ohm and at 14 watts I'm experiencing flavours from a juice I love a lot that I never imagined I'd experience.

Don't know what to do with all my other stuff now.

So good I'm going to buy 2 more as reserves.

That one hole airflow guys :0
Wow, this is perfect!
from Anonymous on 27/09/2017
It takes me back to the first time i tried a kayfun lite all those years ago, which absolutely knocked me out with flavour and nic hit.

Same again with the Prime, and after owning and using the kayfun lite, v3 mini and kayfun 5 I am amazed at how spot on the flavour, vapour, airflow and nic hit are with this.

The airflow range is super tight at setting 1, about the same as a KFL at 3 and similar to setting 1 on the 5.

This is an impressive atomiser and i can't see how it could be improved upon for mouth to lungers. Absolutely divine!

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