Customer ratings for Kayfun Prime Nozzle Kit by Svoemesto

Kayfun Prime Nozzle Kit by Svoemesto
Product no.: SM-227

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Average rating: 5
Makes the Prime even more prime
from Mark Cottam on 05/01/2023
As I only use NETS ,i thought this would help the flavours . It has made an excellent RTA even better . Brings out underlying flavours not present before .Well worth the investment plus i now have some spares if the threads wear out .
good upgrade
from Leon Huchison on 07/10/2021
I bought this initially due to a worn screw hole in my prime deck but I have found a flavour improvement with the multi hole part.
So its a win win for me as I needed to replace it anyway!
good update
from Leon Huchison on 07/09/2021
I only ordered as the screw hole became loose on my prime deck, so seeing this , which included an updated vent as well as the standard one, was a bonus!
I vape tobacco flavours so I believe this was designed for that reason.
Good vape, nice flavours and a spare just in case.
These are perfect for NET tobaccos
from Collin Gross on 14/06/2021
I really like the 5 hole nozzle on the left. Adding this to my prime made it even better. Thank you Creme de vape for an easy and hassle free buying experience.
Fantastic tweaks for the Prime!
from Alexander Wilson on 30/03/2021
I purchased these along with the Prime and forgot about them for a few months, whoops!

Tested out the larger nozzle first. A touch looser than stock but a great nozzle if you like to run lower Ohm, loose mtl's like 0.6ohm Claptons.

However, I broke out the second nozzle 2 days ago, the one with 5 holes.
This has absolutely changed the Kayfun for me.
In stock trim, I found my builds were coming out either bland and too cool, or flavourful but hot and oversaturated.
With this nozzle, I'm getting extremely clear flavour with a lovely warmth and what feels like a perfect level of throat hit!

I definitely recommend these to any existing Prime owners as they really do change the vape and allow for more configurability
Really makes a difference!
from Richard Johnson on 04/12/2020
I only use NET e liquid and these nozzles were made for them, i was getting good flavour from the stock one, but didn't think I was getting all the flavour i could out of my Prime!

It's a bit of a faff to get the the nozzle off and took some searching to find a video of the process! You need to unscrew the 510 pin at the base, pull the deck out of the base then with a smallish adjustable wrench unscrew the diagonal underneath the deck until the nozzle comes free, it's a handy thing to know anyway as the insulator underneath after some use gets gunked up!

For me the nozzle on the left works best, i'm also finding unparalleled flavour with a higher coil placement!
The best
from Anonymous on 16/10/2019
As always its a pleasure to buy from Creme de vape. Excellent service, products and speed of shipping.
Will not buy anywhere else.
Thank you.