Customer ratings for Kayfun [Lite] XS Centre pin by Svoemesto

Kayfun [Lite] XS Centre pin by Svoemesto
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Number of ratings: 22
Average rating: 4.9
Perfect MTL Draw
from James Renton on 17/02/2021
Greatly improves the draw if your into a tighter MTL draw.
A perfect addition
from Geoff Edwards on 10/12/2020
As previous reviews have stated if you are a true mtl vaper this is a no brainer, it takes the guess work out of adjusting the airflow pin and provides a tight mtl draw to perfection in my opinion, the only reason I haven't given this 5 stars is that for the price of the atty I would expect this included! Absolute first class service from CdV again and would recommend them to anyone without hesitation
A must have for the mtl vaper
from Christer Sandberg on 01/10/2020
A must have if you are a mtl vaper. Imho, the KFL19 works good either way, but this center pin fixas that draw and makes it much more tighter and the nylon screws are also longer than those you got with the first batch KFL19
Centre pin
from Brian Vernon on 30/07/2020
Totally changes the Vape for a better experience at first I found Vape a bit harsh watched varying reviews klaus jedelsky contacted pipeline who advised to take 1 wrap out from normal build tried it found my perfect vape outstanding value for money this is the benefit of buying from creme de vape as they stock many accessories not just the atty also service is also excellent could they improve only 1 way comes to mind 2 toffees in parcel instead of one
A Must
from KEITH PARKER on 28/07/2020
Makes the draw smooth.. tighter mtl vape and very quiet.. if your only going to get one extra.. this is it.. no leaks..
For a tighter, smoother draw without the whistling
from Chris Bemis on 04/07/2020
When I first received my DLC Kayfun Lite 2019, I found that with a very tight airflow, I was getting this annoying whistle, which really degraded the experience for me.

The XS Center Pin really smoothed out the draw to perfection. In terms of granular control, no other atomizer compares. You can get infinitely precise with your desired draw and never have to change it again.
Essential for Kayfun [Lite] 2019 owners
from Alex Stanhope on 23/05/2020
If, like me, you're an aficionado of the Kayfun [Lite] 2019, you could easily be forgiven for asking "how could you possibly hope to improve on perfection?".

However, the good folk at SvoëMesto seem to have achieved the impossible with this little beauty of an upgrade. It takes an already-stellar RTA, and elevates it to something that is truly sublime. Reducing the diameter of the airflow opening under the coil has the effect of improving the flavour further still, and taking the draw to a level of unimaginable brilliance.

Installing it is simplicity itself and only takes a matter of minutes; carefully remove the existing centre pin with a set of small pliers, screw the XS version in, and you're good to go. That really is all there is to it.

I'd go as far as saying that this is an essential bit of kit for KF Lite 2019 owners, and at 7-odd quid, I genuinely don't think you can go too far wrong!
Smooths out the draw
from Austin Green on 06/05/2020
Smooths out the draw plus it completely eliminates leaks from the airflow adjustment screw, of which there are two revised 'longer' threaded adjustments screws included in this XS kit.

It also gives a very flavoursome restricted direct lung draw when the airflow if wideopen and transforms this rta completely in my humble opinion.
The best upgrade
from Mostafa Magdy Mohamed Ali on 04/05/2020
XS Centre pin is the best upgrade for people who really looking for smooth and tight draw from a Mtl Rta I really love it and love the way it change the Tank .
Thanks Svoemesto and Thanks
Transforms the rta
from Paul Hinchliff on 16/04/2020
This item transforms the rta. It makes the airflow tighter and resolves the "leaking" issue from the 510. Highly recommended, as is Creme de vape.
Simply Sublime
from Paul Smale on 02/04/2020
You wouldn't think that after coming from 5 years of DL and moving back to MTL and Kayfuns I would need a XS Centre Pin. I don't see it as something specifically for those needing a tighter draw. It makes an almost closed off original pin redundant as the vape from this one is superb wide open. The airlfow feels like the drag of a cigarette, its smooth and without turbulence as felt from the original. Its not just a tighter draw its an actual upgrade. If your closing off your original then get one of these and try it wide open you wont regret it. My Kayfun Lite 2019 went from a great vape to simply sublime.
My kayfun lite is even better with this thing
from Egor Sokolov on 15/03/2020
Makes airflow nice and smooth on tighter settings, highly recommended
Very good
from Andy Gardner on 03/03/2020
This pin not only tightens the draw it also makes the airflow much smoother, also it cured a small weep of liquid at then end of the 510, good purchase.
Spot on!
from Jeff Higham on 01/03/2020
The original pin still gives a superb vape when tightened down, I never got the whistle that others reported. However, for your truly tight, non-turbulent MTL vape, this new pin is a must have. Takes only a minute to install, and really seems to focus the flavour. Changes the feel of the KF lite significantly. Highly recommended. Usual brilliant service from creme de vape, cheers!
Must have for proper MTL
from David Ferguson on 30/12/2019
Tightening down the original air flow pin for a tighter draw creates an annoying whistle, although it's ok when wide open. This pin allows for a tighter draw without the whistle. Recommended for 'the tighter' man.
Does exactly what it's supposed to
from Anonymous on 22/11/2019
If you find the draw stock pin a little to loose, look no further! Easy to install and works like a charm.
A must have for a KFL19 owner
from Mateusz Sobkowiak on 21/11/2019
The xs centre pin for the KFL19 completely transforms the vape quality, getting rid of any whistles and turbulence in airflow encountered with the stock centre pin. It's a no-brainer especially at this price. Don't hesitate, just do it, you won't regret it.
Really Impressive
For any one looking to get tight drown mimic the Cigarette experience and also want the flavor , this is the solution
My personal opinion, BEST MTL in 2019 As of now

(Highly recommended to try Steam tuners kit with this RTA , top filling kit)

Small coil 2mm I.D; 7 rap of 26 AWG, NI80 excellent, try to put enough cotton to avoid the leak.
Excepional transformation !
from Austin Green on 11/10/2019
The XS pin transforms the atty into a truly flavoursome hassle free experience !
it's a simple swap out for the standard positive pin and takes just a few minutes.
XS Centre Pin
from Christopher Newton on 07/10/2019
The machining of this item is flawless, as is the service and postage from Creme de vape,the staff are very helpful,cannot fault whatsoever,well done*****

On another note,the center pin hole diameter is 1.2mm which I found to be tooo tight a draw,so I bored it out to 1.5mm followed by m3 s/s grub screw,I found I didn’t need to screw in the screw to alter the draw,so I sealed the grub screw with loctite the result for me was a perfect draw with absolutely no leeching of fluid to the 510 connector. Thanks for reading.
Amazing upgrade
from Anonymous on 16/08/2019
So after having the Kayfun Lite for a few weeks and coming from using the Prime for the past 6 months I was really happy with the flavour. I enjoy a tight MTL and I was finding that when I dialed down the airflow on the lite to where I enjoyed the draw I was getting some gurgling and turbulence from the airflow. This would go away when I opened up the airflow but then it was too loose. When I saw this upgraded airflow pin I had to get it and now I am loving the Kayfun Lite even more than the Prime. You can get a really tight MTL comparable to the berserker mini v1 which I always preferred the draw to even to the Prime. I am one happy chappy, thanks Keith and all the staff at Creme de Vape, amazing service as always!
A must upgrade.
from Colin Green on 15/08/2019
Had the new lite since it’s release but always found that I couldn’t get the draw that I was looking for until this upgrade came along,
If like me you love to fine tune your draw I would strongly recommend purchasing this upgraded centre pin,
Once you’ve experienced the fine tuning capabilities you most certainly wished you’ve had purchased this sooner.