Customer ratings for Svoemesto Kayfun Lite [plus] - 22mm

Svoemesto Kayfun Lite [plus] - 22mm
Product no.: SM-270

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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 5
The best mtl rta
from James Hepburn on 20/07/2023
excellent rta for mtl, super smooth airflow.
excellent service from creme de vape, very well packaged,I ordered at 4pm and package arived a 12.30pm the next day
Huge improvement over the original
from Anonymous on 24/03/2023
I am an old school MTL vaper and I have a couple of the original 2012 Kayfun Lites. I can't compare to the 2019 Kayfun Lite, I never had one.

The main improvements I have found with this version is it is very easy to fit a coil, it is very easy to wick, you can work on the deck without having to drain the tank and it does not leak but probably the BEST THING is it is no longer critical to get the wicking JUST RIGHT. You just shove some wick in there and away you go. I have been using this tank for a couple of weeks now without paying much attention to critical wicking and I have had no dry hits or flooding.

This tank always works with every mod I have, it always makes a good connection. I have some tanks that will only work with certain mods. However with some mods I have, this tank does not fit flush to the mod (maybe a 1mm gap) but if you have any mods with a spring-loaded 510 pin it is always a perfect fit.

I have absolutely no problem with bottom fill but no matter how much I ensure to screw the bottom on only finger tight, I have a hard time unscrewing it again. This is easily solved by pushing a 2mm pin into the airhole and using that to unscrew it, I use a 2mm blunt syringe but the free keychain mini-screwdriver supplied by Creme De Vape works equally well.

Overall, I am very impressed with this tank, perfect MTL vape, no leaks, easy to coil, easy to wick and no dry hits or flooding.
Absolutely brilliant
from Nawroz Mohammed on 30/12/2022
Brilliant! Just amazing. Flavour is on point. The 22mm is so gorgeous especially with the Aspire Mixx all silver mod. Wow! Already had three random people approach me asking me where I got my setup from. The idea is not to have too much wick or too little. You will be fine just get this!
from Aleksandr Surusov on 09/02/2022
Быстрая доставка. Оперативное общение. Всегда кладут подарки. Качество всех товаров прекрасное.
My New Daily Atty
from Ramiro Ryan III Golez on 14/01/2021
Incremental innovation, maximum improvement. The new Aerokon deck & pin system is just amazing. This new 2021 KFL+ is a clever upgrade of the 2019 KFL version. Everything is the same except for the deck, pin, and the add'l extension tank. All my 2019 accessories fits perfectly on it and vice versa.

Incremental upgrades. But the results are brilliant. I don't fully understand the science behind it, but it simply works great. The new pin seems to make the air flow (velocity?) feels faster, smoother, and dispersed evenly. So glad I bought it. I can't put it down.
The best got better
from Michael Shuttleworth on 06/01/2021
Having a owned the original kayfun lite which I was very happy with.. I couldn't resist trying the new version.. so happy I did.

I must say it is perfect.. no leaks no gurgling.. beautifully made and in my opinion the perfect MTL vape.

My 2021 lite sits upon a diacodes extreme .. it's the perfect match .. so small and rather beautiful.. it all looks engineered..

Can't recommend enough..