Customer ratings for Svoemesto Plus upgrade for Kayfun [Lite]

Svoemesto Plus upgrade for Kayfun [Lite]
Product no.: SM-272

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Number of ratings: 7
Average rating: 4.9
Kayfun Lite Up Grade Deck
from Lyn Smith on 16/01/2021
Very good upgrade for the Kayfun Lite 2019. Highly recommend also great service from Creme de Vape.
Kayfun lite aerokon upgrade.
from Jonny Gordon on 07/01/2021
I was really happy with lite 2019, just set and forget but this new deck with the new airflow pin is another level. Easy to use and quiet. I like a tight draw and some .8mm can be too tight and 1mm is too much. This is a fine tune system and the best flavour hands down! Fast shipping and great service as always.
Upgrade Deck
from Omer Nakash on 22/12/2020
Perfect upgrade, definitely makes my Kayfun lite 2019 flawless, easier to adjust the air control without any leakage from 510 pin
Unlike the old method with the plastic adjuster
very fast shipping and excellnt customer service as always from Keith
Upgraded deck
from David Brunton on 18/12/2020
Bought this for my kafun lite 2019 very good deck and no more fiddling with the nylon airflow screw that I found was the only con with the kafun lite 2019 airflow has also improved and makes it much less of a pain to adjust very happy with my purchase.

Delivery was quick would order again.
Upgraded deck
from David Brunton on 18/12/2020
from MATTHEW ARMITAGE on 11/12/2020
Fitted today. Far easier to adjust than the original plastic adjuster and much smoother. Careful not to screw in too far as the tiny o-ring pops off. Really like my 24mm Lite possibly more than my Prime with this upgrade.
Upgrade Deck
from Christopher Newton on 09/12/2020
Just fitted this new upgrade,absolutely perfect,the draw is spot on cannot fault whatsoever.*****