Kayfun [Lite] Dome Kit by Svoemesto

Product no.: SM-KFL-DOME


Svoemesto Kayfun [Lite] Dome Kit


The Kayfun [Lite] Dome Kit replaces both the top cap and viewing window giving your Kayfun [Lite] a totally new look. This kit has a longer tank section and an extension for the chimney.

Available in both 22mm and 24mm versions.

PLEASE NOTE: This Dome Kit is not a direct replacement for the Lite Plus Dome+ tank that comes with the Lite Plus kit. 

[fire] - Ultem
Made from Polyetherimide (PEI) This material is extremely sturdy and resilient against aggressive e-liquids.

[ice] - Clear
Made from Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), better known as acrylic glass. This material has a beautiful “iced” finish that turns crystal clear when in contact with e-liquid.

WARNING: PMMA is not resilient against aggressive e-liquids.


Assembled pictures are for illustrative purposes only. You are purchasing the Dome cap top section and chimney extension only and must have the Kayfun [Lite] atomiser to use. Drip tip not included.

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Product Note Status Price
Svoemesto Kayfun [Lite] High Noon Edition - 24mm Svoemesto Kayfun [Lite] High Noon Edition - 24mm
Svoemesto Kayfun [Lite] Nite DLC extension tube Svoemesto Kayfun [Lite] Nite DLC extension tube
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