Customer ratings for Kayfun [Lite] Dome Kit by Svoemesto - 24mm Ultem

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Number of ratings: 9
Average rating: 5
from Paul Richards on 10/04/2021
Turns the KFL into an even better looking rta. And awesome service as ever by CDV
from Paul Richards on 27/02/2021
Just so you can change the look, the ultimate version is stunning.
from Chris Poole on 14/12/2020
The KFL 2019 is a good looking tank in standard trim, but the dome kit gives you the option for a totally different look. It also increases the juice capacity, which is always a good thing. The brilliant Kayfun flavour remains exactly the same, so no negatives.
Great service from CDV as usual.
wicked look
from Egor Sokolov on 15/03/2020
this thing makes your kayfun hold more juice and gives it a really unique look
Top notch quality
from Mateusz Sobkowiak on 21/11/2019
SvöeMesto is a well established brand with quality that speaks volumes. Transform your KFL19 with this stylish ultem top cap which also extends the capacity by 1.5ml. Highly recommended product at an unbeatable price and impeccable service from CDV.
Extremely happy
from Orlin Sokolov on 17/11/2019
Just to say that I'm extremely happy for the choice I did and for the great product. The Dome kit fitted perfectly to my Kayfun lite 2019 22mm. With the extra juice capacity and final look of the Kayfun I can't ask for more. Flavour wise nothing has changed, still the besttl experience so far. Quick delivery and good price from Creme de Vape came as a bonus. Thank you.
The best
from Anonymous on 16/10/2019
As always its a pleasure to buy from Creme de vape. Excellent service, products and speed of shipping.
Will not buy anywhere else.
Thank you.
Kayfun Lite Dome Kit.
from Christopher Newton on 07/10/2019
Excellent service!!!. Well packed as usual+free sweet,next day delivery......awesome.*****
A must-have!
from Matthew Walters on 28/07/2019
The photos for this extension kit do not do it justice - it is superbly made and looks beautiful atop the Kayfun Lite. I would recommend this over the smaller 'bell cap' option. It gives the vape a slightly cooler feel and a more tank-like consistency - a more Kayfun-esque vape, if that makes sense! I would highly recommend this kit to any Kayfun Lite users.

On a broader note - if you've been experiencing any leaking on the new Lite, as I did initially with mine, there are two simple steps for it to be resolved. 1. Remove the o-ring from the base section of the tank. It seemed to me to be the cause of most of the leaking problem. 2. Don't fill the tank brimful with liquid. It's only a small tank, and filling it too full will cause pressure issues. With regard to this, the Dome kit helps because it's a larger tank so the pressure inside is more evenly distributed. Hope this helps.

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