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StattQualm SQuape A[rise]
Product no.: SQA-200


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Expensive… but is it worth it?
from Pete Martin on 22/04/2023
Firstly, outstanding customer service yet again by CremedeVape. My go-to vendor, thank you!

An expensive Swiss made tank, impeccably machined, highest build quality, top materials, clever design. The weight and feel of this tank shouts quality right down to its smallest components. Everything is beautifully machined, finished, clean, and all parts fit together perfectly.

It has a wide range of flexibility that actually works, from open DL to tight MTL, and it delivers exceptional flavour performance all the way through its setup range.

My preference: MTL x2 0.8mm Air Disc at 17W Fused Clapton spaced coil x7 wraps 2.5mm ID 0.8 Ohms.

If you prefer larger builds at higher wattage there’s plenty of deck room, good sized ports to drop cotton into, and one of the easiest out there to build on.

With my MTL setup it’s very quiet when wicked correctly, so good for stealth vaping… normal rules, don’t jam the cotton in, just enough so coils don’t move when pulled through and it won’t spit or pop.

Air flow is very smooth although it seems flow is governed primarily by Air Disc choice rather than twisting the body… the two adjustable external air holes seem almost redundant unless they’re fully closed, so I can only guess this prioritises juice flow over air flow? Regardless, it works very well and I’ve not yet had the remotest dry hit or flooding… not even a gurgle and zero leaks.

My only negative comment concerns coil height… even at lower wattage settings, if the coil is set too low it melts the plastic Air Disc. So sit up >3mm from the disc.

Other than that, this is a very desirable tank on many levels. I’ve had most so called high end tanks over the years and this one is right up there on overall performance and offers a much greater range of use than most, if not all. Whilst its internal design is somewhat unusual and complex, it’s actually simple to strip and clean, and doesn’t have too many small parts.

Very happy to have splashed out… real world functionality meets top flavour! If I lost it tomorrow I’d certainly replace it.

Hope this helps… happy vaping!
from Marcel Nikoli on 28/02/2022
Squape A/Rise/ is best atomizer, with details who hasn't any other atomizer on the world. And is very easy also. This is why i mean, is the best one atom. U can use any wire u want. U can build MTL and DL by very easy way. The taste is amazing. Every atom takes from liquid out.
I recomend this atom for everyone, for beginers and masters too.
For me it is must have atom.
Well constructed RTA.
from mike roberson on 08/12/2020
Really well made. Easy to build. Flavor is good. Nice aesthetics.
Can perform well as a RDL but MTL is my preferred use.
Excellent RTA
from Razi Alsayyed on 24/11/2020
Build quality is superb, coil placement is a breeze.

I was afraid of the build deck because it is designed for small coils, but after trying it I found it a flavor monster, and it gives a really good throat hit.

As always, Creme de vape is one of the best vape suppliers in the world.

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