StattQualm SQuape A[rise] RDL Air Disk

Product no.: SQA-AIR-DISK-RDL

Customer ratings for StattQualm SQuape A[rise] RDL Air Disk

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Average rating: 5
Great discs, plenty of options.
from on 29/06/2021
Love the RDL air discs for the A[rise]. They are easy to install or remove, the only con being you must remove your coil in order to change them. Machining is great. My personal favourite is the 2 by 2.0mm disc for RDL, but I also enjoy the single 3.0mm disc or the slotted discs!
Air discs
from on 13/05/2021
I had a tricky situation with them, I had 2 arise, 1 for mtl mode and 1 for rdl. I didn't quite like the air discs that came with it, I tried the 1x1mm for mtl but it's not tight enough, I bought and the .6 too tight then the .8 and I sticked with it. I had long time fine tuning my rdl set up, tried almost all the rdl Air discs, I've been using the 2.5x5 cyclops hole for quite some time it's kinda ok, but I felt that it wasn't that good enough so I bought some DIY discs, tried different style until I screwed most of them, then I DIYed the one with 4x.8 holes and turned it into a 2x2.5 with 2x.8 holes across, and that's it I've settled to that setup no more messing up, they're vaping really well, I must say, they're really are a good option...
perfect vape
from on 20/12/2020
The original air disks are too restricted for me and I found no air disk was too lose and noisy. So I was really looking forward to the RDL disks coming, The 2X2mm air disk is the perfect vape for me, slightly restricted DL 0.5ohm at 26 watts, perfection. They also give a smoother and quiter vape, nice.


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StattQualm SQuape A[rise] Nano 2ml TPD Version StattQualm SQuape A[rise] Nano 2ml TPD Version
StattQualm SQuape A[rise] StattQualm SQuape A[rise]
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