Taifun GT4 Nano Kit by Steam Tuners

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Taifun GT4 Nano Kit by Steam Tuners


Made in Greece by Steam Tuners, this nano tank kit creates a completely new look for your Taifun GTIV tank and reduces the overall height of the tank by 14mm.

The kit comes in three pieces, a new chimney, poly tank, and top cap which is reverse threaded for easy refilling from the top without accidentally unscrewing the whole tank from the base. 


It is normal to see some cloudiness and/or machine marks on these tanks, but this is not visible in use once liquid is added to the tank.
As with all threaded acrylic tanks, we recommend you take special care when installing to avoid over-tightening. Mis-threaded tanks will not be replaced.
A few e-liquid ingredients are known to react with acrylic and plastic tanks and tubes, please see Polycarbonate Issues for more information.


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Replacement GT4 Nano tube by Steam Tuners Replacement GT4 Nano tube by Steam Tuners
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Taifun GT IV RTA Taifun GT IV RTA
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