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Not for me… or is it my big fingers?
from on 25/02/2023
As usual, CremedeVape service and prices bang on point. Always great service with quality products.

As for the Steam Tuners KayFun Lite Top Fill kit… I just didn’t get on with it. After giving it the benefit of the doubt for several days, I ended up reverting to original KayFun.

Three issues
1) As I run my KayFun on a Dicodes SBS, the height of the standard KayFun tank lines up perfectly with the top of the SBS. The ST is too short.
2) Steam Tuners tank holds less, so filling up more often.
3) Thread on the ST removable top cap is way too fine making it difficult to thread correctly first time. It constantly cross threaded regardless of how gentle and careful I was. Difficult to remove too… no knurling. I really didn’t like it, and for what you get, it’s expensive and not well thought out.

If they redesigned the top cap with knurling, an inset O ring, a slotted hole, and 1/4 turn to line up the slot to access the open tank, and made it taller to match volume, then it would be worth it. As it is, the stock KayFun Lite is much easier to fill even though it’s a bottom fill.
from on 19/04/2021
As it says on the tin works and looks stunning. Always a pleasure dealing with cdc.


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Kayfun [Lite] Top Fill Kit by Steam Tuners Kayfun [Lite] Top Fill Kit by Steam Tuners
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