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Taifun GT IV Chimney
Product no.: TAIFUN-004

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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 5
Gt4 chimney
from stefan smith on 27/01/2021
Makes a lot of difference, you just have to have it due to this tpd law, but i don't understand some tanks here in UK large capacities, oh well, other than that it works perfect...
Love it!!!
from Jefferson Zabate on 05/09/2020
Holds a decent amount of e-liquid!
most buy for Taifun GT 4
from Yasser Motawa on 05/07/2020
this is a must buy for Taifun GT4 as the tank itself come with bigger one which gives you 2ml of juice as required with TPD.
a must have IMO
from Anonymous on 19/05/2020
the original 2 ml chimney(due to the UK laws) has too little of a capacity and i don't like the fill holes on it so that chimney is a must have due to capacity and a nice touch is the fact that it has big kidney holes for an easy filling
more Capacity
from Tsachi Elhanati on 18/03/2020
this gives more liquid capacity , around 4.5 Ml
just replace the chimney and you are good to go
worth getting
from Gary rawley on 15/08/2019
This chimney is needed for taifun gt4 if wanting to have more than just 2ml liquid in the TPD VERSION,this chimney fits perfect.