Mary Jane concentrate by TFA - 15ml

Mary Jane concentrate by TFA - 15ml

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The Flavor Apprentice Concentrate - 15 ml

Mary Jane

This flavor was 6 months in development, and is a fairly close approximation of the flavour of cannabis.

We want to stress that it is an artificial blend that contains no active ingredients, just flavour.  

Flavour Reviews 

To me at 15% this has a slightly pine-y, green and slightly sweet scent and flavor. But don't get me wrong, it's not like a Pine Sol type of flavor or smell, not to that extreme. It is definitely green smelling in the back ground with some sweet, maybe citrus-y fore ground. The taste is exactly the same as the smell except that subtle green flavor comes to life a little more and there is also a slight pepper bite, which may or may not be the nicotine base I am using. This, to me, does not smell nor taste like the "real deal" which is actually what I love about it so much.

Mark L:
Well.. I can't say too much about this flavor without violating some sort of terms I would guess. So all I can say is.. This was bought with the intent of a novelty vape, and I would not buy it again because it is not close enough to what I expected, but there is a familiarity for sure.

The Mary jane is great too had a friend that vapes the stuff straight said the taste is similar I personally like it with a drop or two of the Kona in it.

On another note, I ordered the "Mary Jane" flavor in a fit of whimsy... mixed it up as I do a lot of reviews and several people have asked if I've tried it. (The flavor, of course.) First--I think the flavor is spot on. Second, to my surprise, I find it makes a really lovely flavor! Perhaps a bit more reminiscent of pine than the real thing but in the absence of combustion I don't see how you could get closer, and it's beautifully balanced. So, something I ordered half as a joke may now become a favorite in my flavor arsenal!

I just wanted to say that the mary jane is really pretty spot on. I grew up in california and when I go back home you can just about smell it down every street since everyone seems to have a reason for "medicinal use."


The Perfumer's Apprentice was started in 2004 to help perfumers and flavorists to learn about and obtain professional fragrance and flavouring components. These flavour concentrates are used by individual DIY e-liquid enthusiasts and e-liquid manufacturers all across the world due to their "true" flavours and consistent quality.

All flavours are food-safe, made in the US, and confirm to current Food Industry standards and we've been sure to select only those flavours the manufacturer has certified free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl. Also suitable for baking, Candy-making and soda flavouring.

Mix with nicotine mixing Liquid and Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerine to create your own made-to-measure DIY e-liquid.

We recommend you start with 5% flavouring and go up to 10% depending on the desired strength of flavour in your finished mixture.

Flavours are supplied in glass bottles, without droppers. We recommend you also pick up some pipettes or syringes as required.


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