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StattQualm SQuape N[duro]
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Superb Atomizer
from Randall Groh on 16/05/2020
My first build was very meh. So I gave it some thought and moved the coil closer to the back of the build deck and raised it to allow more airflow around the coil. Wow! The flavor in this is as good as a single coil RDA. Next to the Kayfun 5 squared and the Taifun GT IV this is now my favorite RTA.
from Mark Chidwick on 24/04/2020
Been vaping the rose3 and really needed a upgrade so bought a duro and was we'll pleased how good it is and had to put the rose and so much better then the taifun gt had put both into retirement,buliding of this is so easy compared to the other two and was that impressed that I had to buy another one,the service from creme de vape is 2nd to none,if the item is not available they soon ping u a email when it is so would recommend using them great service guys
Я задоволений
from Anonymous on 21/03/2020
Quality and original product.
Dispatch is fast, top-level packaging.
The original product has an unsurpassed taste. Everything works well.
I'm satisfied.
Best SQuape tank
from Rafael Kusumi on 13/10/2019
Best offering from StattQualm to date. Somewhat unrestricted DL option is perfectly tuned. The design of this tank is genius don't have to remove the cap to fill it and you can lock it out, remove the deck without it leaking, and adjust the air flow all by twisting the tank on the base. Airflow is good and not exactly sure how but the juice flow and air flow are connected and if it is because they have tuned it to match the draw pressure for best wicking then I don't even know what to say. I only use it full open and love it like that wicks fine. I have always thought they made the best looking tanks with the iconic windows and spaceship it.
Simply the best
from Peter Johnson on 01/04/2019
This is a seriously good piece of kit. Absolutely leakproof (the only one I've found) - beats a Kayfun Prime easily. It does work better with the narrow chimnet upgrade so I would definitely recommend it - plus, if you prefer a shorter tank you can buy the narrow chimney 2ml adaptor from Stattqualm. Ive tried almost all brands and most mods and can honestly say that this really is the best I've used.