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Fiber n' Cotton V2 Premium Vaping Cotton


Created by Mahood Gufu, the man behind Fiber Freaks (closed in 2017) in partnership with Phileas Cloud, Fiber n' Cotton bills itself as the most advanced wicking material available. A finely-tuned blend of purified cotton and food grade cellulose fibres, both chosen for their unique attributes.

Feedback from the community and the evolution of hardware along with various tests, has led to the development of a new version. This new, improved recipe makes the most of Fiber n' cotton's unique blend.

V2 Features faster absorption, better fluid retention, amplified flavour and a longer life than the original Fiber n' cotton.


Innovative wicking material adapted to every kind of use

Fiber n’Cotton wick was developed with a clear focus: to create a wick that would cover all the different vape styles and gear without reducing the effectiveness of some particular aspects. A perfect alchemy of fibre selection, product design, chemistry and mechanical engineering. 

The cotton is picked by hand to preserve the quality of the fibres. The purification process is perfectly balanced to ensure no break-in taste and a great absorption capacity.

The cellulose fibres are the purest available. Designed for the food industry, they combine high capillary action, completely neutral taste and safety at all temperatures.

Finally, the mechanical production process was adjusted to produce a perfect density and balanced bond and alignment.

Each reusable pouch contains approximately 10g of Fiber n' Cotton.


How does this impact our vaping experience?


Like music, flavour is a composition.
Cotton brings a distinctive roundness to e-liquids and goes deep in their rich bass notes while cellulose enhances the high ones.


Thick fibres hold more e-liquid to produce a denser vapour. With its high capillary action, Fiber n ' Cotton is a pleasure to use: drip your favorite e-liquid and it will be instantly absorbed. Your tank will be ready to use as soon as you close it and for squonkers, the high capillary action improves experience, making it faster to load and reload. Last but not least, because the cellulose fibres are more resistant to high temperatures, the wick gives fantastic flavour for longer.

A practical form factor

The form factor of the wick helps in many ways. By using different fibre sizes, the designers of  Fiber n' Cotton balanced the bond and alignment of the fibres to help you pick the right amount of wick while keeping it nicely structured. And the long section fibres facilitate the insertion into the coil, creating no lump at the entry of the coil when you pull your wick.

Health safety

Health and safety were fundamental in all the choices made. This wick has no traces of pesticides, and the purification process has no impact on the final product. The cellulose fibers are from the highest grade available, and all aspects of the production including the packaging follows strict food grade standards.

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