RS Intense Creme de Vape HS Essence - 50ml

RS Intense Creme de Vape HS Essence - 50ml

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Found the perfect one
from on 13/07/2020
Have just started mixing my own and have tried many flavours to get the one I have vaped for many years Hangsen RY6, Hangsen don’t do a concentrate so only came across this recommendation via a chat forum mentioning HS intense and have to say it is spot on,if not better,this one is slightly less dry than Hangsens and hasn’t got the sweetness or aftertaste most other tobacco flavours have.
One of the best on the market
from on 17/02/2019
As no reviews at the time of writing, this deserves one as I'm about to order more. Been vaping for 7 years after 40 years of GV. This has been an ADV for the last 2 years. Requires little or no steeping. Very smooth with no chemical taste and no sweetness, just a very pleasant tobacco that's stood the test of time with a consistent flavour from batch to batch. Would not describe as 'intense' though YMMV. Sadly for us DIYers, most (almost all) concentrates described as 'tobacco' are appallingly dire. The 'good' (even acceptable) ones frustratingly are here today gone tomorrow, so hoping CDV continue to offer this (CDV take note). Highly recommended. Mixed at 20%.

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