Kendo Vape Cotton

Kendo Vape Cotton

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from on 27/01/2017
I got the 'gold' (1 metre) bag which I use with my Kayfun 5 (also from cremedevape) and I am extremely pleased with the flavour, ease of use, price and everything else! It is very thick so I (easily) split it in two, hence I get 2 metres of it. Highly recommended!
5/5 My juice has never tasted soo good!
from on 26/02/2016
Got my order a few hours ago and quickly rewicked a V4 (already filled with Para Mour) and discovered levels of flavour I hadn't noticed with my trusted usual organic cotton. Never thought this amazing juice could taste better so took out another V4 this time containing Cinnamagic and was blown away by the depth of taste. Can't be a fluke when an atty I know so well with juice I thought I was so familier with could get any better...

It did! A simple affordable way to make you juice, well, erm... Juicier ;)
Very Good Neutral Cotton
from on 26/02/2016
Kendo Vape Cotton comes as a hunk of cotton rather than being in pads or strips... This makes it slightly awkward to work with in one sense but also makes it ideal where more random sized wicks are required... From dry, juice uptake is almost painfully slow compared to other cottons, however, once saturated it does hold a truly amazing amount of e-liquid - more than I've ever seen with any other cotton in fact and this will help to avoid any issues with dry hits... Wicking is excellent and perhaps most importantly of all, Kendo Vape Cotton gives a very full flavour spectrum from your e-liquid and has no perceptible taste of its own with absolutely no unwanted influences etc... This is perhaps not one to use all the time but then it is a genuinely excellent cotton to have in your arsenal for certain specific jobs... So, do give it a try - you might find it's the best cotton you've ever used or you might find it a pain to work with (or both at the same time...!!!)


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