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Utopia in a tank
from on 20/02/2018
At last after all the tanks I have had and I have had a lot from self builds to off the shelf coil tanks this is the only tank that does not leak. The flavour is great, the top loading superb and easy and the thank looks good as well. Fitting the coils is a breeze with no leaking at all. This is the best tank I have had, even better than my kayfun - do yourself a favour and buy one you won’t regret it.
from on 13/02/2018
Well .. having no luck with high end tanks (down to user error I'll hasten to add) I thought I'd go back to tanks with pre-made coils.

Ordered yesterday and arrived today .. this tank is superb, excellent design for ease of use and a great MTL tank although, I do have it set with only one air hole showing.

Only time will tell how long the coils last but from several reviews, it seems about a week is not an unreasonable expectation ..
from on 08/01/2018
Having tried the leaky mess that is the Nautilus 2 I reverted back to the Mini. Decided to try the Zenith because I like the top loading design. For me as a MTL
this is superb, no mess, great flavour. Have 2, ordering a spare.

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Innokin Z-Coils (Zenith heads) - 5pk Innokin Z-Coils (Zenith heads) - 5pk
from £7.95
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