Mango by Aromaxy - 100ml Shortfill

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AROMAXY E-liquid 100ml shortfill


Mango Flavour
Multiple rounds of ripe mango, exotic citrus and a smooth cream finish. This vape is a rapid-fire burst of flavour that's hard to resist.

65% VG


Introducing AROMAXY: A World Class premium e-liquid range, which has been very carefully developed with several unique characteristics.

Aromaxy e-liquid has been specifically formulated to function well across a WIDE range of devices including MTL, RDL and DL on 1ohm coils or below producing a quality and potent vapour.

The developers have worked hard to achieve a "cleaner" juice that is much more coil-friendly than the typical premium juices on the market.

Don't be fooled by the simple flavour names. Aromaxy's flavourists are keen to offer blends that deliver different nuances of the flavour at varying temperatures so users can experience a variety of prominent notes within each blend as they raise or lower their wattage. You won't have experienced chameleon flavours like this before.

Last but not least, Aromaxy have really given some thought to how the user will interact with the product and have chosen to use a Torpedo bottle rather than the standard bottles most other manufacturers use.
If you're fed up with how challenging it can be to remove traditional shortfill droppers, or are prone to knocking over your shortfill and losing a whole bottle before you've even got your nic shot in it, you'll absolutely love the Torpedo bottle. It's a robust PET Unicorn bottle, with a Child-resistant cap, but it's special super-power resides in its threaded screw-off dropper enabling nic shots to be loaded with less faff and with a reduced risk of spillage.

We've seen similar bottles before, with threaded tips for easier nic shot insertion, but this particular design offers more of a precision tip, coupled with a wider opening than we've seen on any other similar style bottle. This means your nic shot(s) can be added really easily without risk of spillage. You can even completely remove the nozzle from your nic shot and invert the bottle over the hole to let it self-decant so no nicotine is lost or deposited anywhere other than in your shortfill. It's also leak-proof around the thread once you pop the threaded nib back on - so no worries there either.

Flavorah_Logo_SM   Since 2013, Flavorah have proactively driven their business to ensure their food-grade flavours are safer for vaping.
Aromaxy_Torpedo_Bottles_logo_01_SM   Innovative Torpedo bottle with threaded, screw-off nib for quick and easy nic shot addition.


Aromaxy really have thoroughly thought out this product and we urge you to give it a try. Be sure to try it at a wide range of power settings to experience the chameleon nature of their flavours.

Once you load Aromaxy into your device the quality and purity is unquestionable.

Aromaxy features in brief

  • Versatile across a wide wattage range
  • Powered by Flavorah concentrates
  • Genuinely coil-friendly
  • Evolving flavour profile at different power settings
  • Bottle features a screw-off nib with large hole for nic shot addition
  • Premium juice that's not at a premium price


100ml Zero nicotine juice in a 120ml bottle to enable the consumer to add two x 10ml bottles of 18mg/ml flavourless nicotine liquid to turn it into a 3mg/ml liquid.

If you do add nicotine, please be sure to shake very well to mix the two liquids thoroughly.


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Additional product information

E-liquid Type
  • Shortfill
VG Level
  • 65% VG
Flavour Type
  • Tropical Fruits


Product Note Status Price
Nic Nic Flavourless 100VG 18mg Nicotine Shot Nic Nic Flavourless 100VG 18mg Nicotine Shot
Nic Nic Flavourless 50VG 20mg Nicotine Salt Shot Nic Nic Flavourless 50VG 20mg Nicotine Salt Shot
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