Golden Sunset by Serendipity - 100ml Shortfill

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Serendipity E-liquid 100ml shortfill


Golden Sunset
Apples, pastry, caramel

If you give the apple to me at its worthiest, I will make apple pie. The most comforting of all desserts, sweet, fresh, warm and delicious. Taste buds at the ready, cut yourself a slice and prepare to be swathed in sweet fresh apples, butter rich pastry topped with golden muscovado caramel. Go on, have another slice, there's plenty to go around!

80% VG


“If you find good things without looking for them, Serendipity – unexpected good luck – has brought them to you.”

Ever tasted something that transports your mind right back to a certain special place in time? Take a moment for yourself to sample our memory evoking flavours. Be prepared to take a trip down Nostalgia Lane, reminisce and rejoice as you rekindle treasured memories. Fall in love with something refreshingly new, yet still with a comforting familiarity.

Dream, Taste, Believe

The Serendipity range is manufactured in the UK by Wick Liquor.


100ml Zero nicotine juice in a 120ml bottle to enable the consumer to add two x 10ml bottles of 18mg/ml flavourless nicotine liquid to turn it into a 3mg/ml liquid.

If you do add nicotine, please be sure to shake very well to mix the two liquids thoroughly.


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Additional product information

E-liquid Type
  • Shortfill
VG Level
  • 80% VG
Flavour Type
  • Bakery
  • Candy and Chocolate
  • Other Fruits


Product Note Status Price
Nic Nic Flavourless 50/50 18mg Nicotine Shot Nic Nic Flavourless 50/50 18mg Nicotine Shot
18mg Nicofuel Nic shot by Wick Liquor 18mg Nicofuel Nic shot by Wick Liquor
Creme de Vape Flavourless Nicotine e-liquid Creme de Vape Flavourless Nicotine e-liquid
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