Dicodes Dani 25

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A thing of beauty
from on 30/10/2023
If the tube mod form factor is appealing to you then I can't recommend this product enough. It truly is a thing of beauty that just has a presence about it like no other mod I've ever owned. Feels like a quality product that will outlive me and the dicodes boards are amazing for temp control. If you're reading this and you can afford it just do it already!
Nice device but not w/o serious issues
from on 26/08/2022
I bought this device from this web store back in 2017 and I was pretty happy with the customer support and fast shipping. Thank you Cremedevape! You're the best! However having been using this mod since I experienced some problems. After using it for a year or so the display shut off, so I sent the mod to Dicodes USA which they repaired it under warranty. The next issue was the fire button. I liked the "clicky" feel and sound but sometimes it just clicks and does not fire. This issue started happening after 2 years of usage. I babied this device and never had any e-liquid in 510 connector or anywhere else.

So I'm still having Dani 25 which I paid a big buck for but using it is a kind of frustration to me because of the issues described above. I'm not sending the mod for repair because it's already out of warranty and to be honest I'm not willing to pay another $ for it.

The bottom line: I expected more reliable device made in Germany or maybe I was not lucky enough ))
from on 29/11/2021
Hi… that’s is solid precision tool. vaping machine…. Happy to use every day …, fact is no chip but have 10 savty Features …. And have a serial number … no mass produced Thank you
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Dicodes Dani 25 reduction cone Dicodes Dani 25 reduction cone
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